It was the worst winter....in the history of our family.

The Winter of 2023

It was the worst of times…..it was the season of darkness….it was the winter of despair!

It was all of that and more! 

“Drama much” you might be thinking, well you would be wrong! It was that bad!

I have been very lucky when it comes to sick kids. I can count on my one hand the number of times my kids have had to go to the Dr because they are sick! They have been sick, but never anything serious that requires medical intervention. Usually it passes by itself or we self-medicate successfully and within a few days everyone is back on track. 

This winter made up for all of that. David and I got knocked down by flu. It was horrible. We were out for 2 days but it took a while for us to heal completely and my cough never actually left. About 3 weeks later Emma and I started coughing again and that cough has hang around for weeks now. We have literally been coughing for 2 weeks solidly! Emma’s has gotten so bad, she has coughing fits and eventually coughs up phlegm (gross I know). David joined the party for a few days but he has the immunity of Iron Man! Jack was the last to join but caught up quickly! 

We have tried everything. Cough syrups, natural remedies (lemon, ginger, honey and black pepper tea apparently helps), flu meds, nebulizing, Vicks. Nothing has made even a slight difference. It sounds like 3 80-year old smokers live here and it has been exhausting!! None of us have been sleeping properly – some of us are coughing and others of us are being kept up by the coughing. 

One or more of us has been sick pretty much all winter and I am very much over it. I am hoping the new season brings with it some respite from the relentlessness of the winter bugs!

How was winter for you?




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  1. I can totally relate to the frustration of a never-ending winter bug! It seems like your family had quite a challenging season. Let’s hope for a healthier and bug-free spring ahead! ????????

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