We sold my car and probably aren’t replacing it

About 6 weeks ago we sold our bus. We have been thinking about it for a while, but I have never not had a car, so it was quite daunting to actual pull the trigger. But then we heard the petrol price was increasing once again and I was done. They came and took the car the next day and that was that – it was sold.

It is still early days but so far, I don’t miss the bus at all, and I am glad we made the decision.

We bought the bus about 9 years ago when I was pregnant with Emma. Neither of the cars we owned at the time could fit 4 kids – two still in car seats, so we had to upgrade. We all loved having the bus. There was enough space for everyone to have their own space. The boot was big enough for us to road trip down to Cape Town without a trailer. It was easy to pack prams, gazebos, swim equipment, tents and anything else we needed.

It served us well. It was very much a part of the family – according to the two teens who were severely traumatized that we had sold the bus without consulting them.

Cars like the bus we had are not built to drive 3km here or 8km there like I was driving but we sucked it up when we had four kids who need to be somewhere every day. But then we went down to 3 kids and then 2 kids and we were driving less and suddenly had too much space and not enough stuff to full it.

It sounds strange but it is tiring driving such a big car around, especially driving the short distances I now drive with the kids. And the petrol – OH MY GOODNESS the petrol!!! It felt like even when I filled the tank, I was putting petrol in every second or third day – it felt never ending. Maintenance on such a big car isn’t cheap – tires, brakes and services are a pretty penny – it was costing us a lot to keep it going and it just didn’t seem logical anymore.

So, we let it go.

The younger two kids and I don’t travel very far for sports, socials, and other activities. Fortunately, my job is now 90% online with sporadic meetings in our office (which is very close to home) and client meetings.

 I worked it out and Bolts cost us a little bit more than what petrol cost me, but it really is negligible. David also has a pretty flexible job so if we need to go somewhere far or if I need a car, we can work around our schedules and make it happen. We are almost 2 months, and I am in no hurry to buy a new car. It just seems like an unnecessary expense for us right now.

I obviously ride with the kids everywhere and I have never felt unsafe in one of the Bolt rides we have taken so far. We have had some interesting encounters, but it is like a little surprise adventure each time we get into the car.

We have had a very passionate Christian driver – he sang along to his music with such love, we couldn’t help but feel the joy.

We have had a driver understand our urgency to get to gymnastics on time (SAFELY).

I have been asked why I don’t go to church – did someone hurt me? (This was probably the weirdest interaction of them all).

We have discussed loadshedding at length.

There is no need for us to invest in a second car right now, not with the cost of everything increasing.

It is not just the cost of petrol we are saving but also the monthly instalments, monthly insurance, and maintenance (always when you least expect it.) Overall, for us, we are saving quite a bit each month.

Another side effect of not being able to just jump in the car is that I am saving overall on my grocery shopping because I have to plan properly to make sure I have what I need when I do get to the shops or order online.

I know it is still early days but I don’t miss having my own car and am definitely not in a hurry to buy another one.



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