7 Reasons Winter Makes Me Happy

Winter Makes Me Happy|HarassedMom

I know winter is pretty much done here in South Africa, but I really don’t mind the cold. I think I might prefer it to the warm weather, especially as I get older and my body struggles to regulate my internal temperature. It is such a gorgeous time of year though isn’t it? It’s still […]

10 Ways To Be Happy When You Don’t Wan’t To Be

How to be happy when you don't want to be |HarassedMom

Yesterday was such a meh day. I am not sure why, nothing really happened and I was super super productive but emotionally I was a little all over the place and just felt meh. My joints are in a lot of pain at the moment and I really don’t know why so I am doing […]

Weekend Happiness That Won’t Cost Anything

Budget weekend activities | HarassedMom

We are still all about happiness at the moment. Happiness is definitely happening around these parts and while we aren’t walking around like smiling goof balls every minute of the day, we are focusing on the happy moments.  If we have no plans for the weekend I generally don’t want to do anything but the […]

{11 Weeks to Christmas} Giving Back

Money is always tight in our house but every year I always marvel at how spoiled my children get at Christmas. There is never nothing under the tree for them and while some Christmases there is less, they never worry that they will not get what they want. I have always tried, especially around Christmas […]

Things I have learnt from blogging

I have been blogging for so long I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t sharing our stories for the world to read. I started at time when blogging was new in SA, the community was small but growing fast. I was one of those bloggers that I think writes hate. I couldn’t write. If […]

Our HAPPY Holiday Moments

Holidays aren’t officially over but we are down to the last 2 days and looking back it has been such a good holiday for us all. There have been some really happy moments over the last three weeks but for me, the happiest of moments have been that we have such supportive family who have […]

Lessons from hosting a 13 year old’s party

It was party central at our house this long weekend. Jack celebrated his fourth birthday and we held Cameron’s 13th party on Monday evening. Both parties went off well and both boys were very happy. I am very comfortable hosting kids parties, you chose a theme, Pinterest it to death, print out all the pretty […]

What’s more important – your feet or your face?

Yesterday McDonalds treated a few of us to an afternoon of spa treatments at Life Spa in Rosebank. It was just what I need, the chance to take some time out just for me. I have wanted a pedicure for weeks now, it is my one beauty indulgence and I do try to get one […]

{Week 3} Things making me happy

It has been a busy week with lots of distractions, coffee dates, wine dates, gym visits, extra muruals in full swing and I still haven’t really found my feet routine wise this year. All that aside things are going well and there is lots making me happy. The rain! Wasn’t that rain just glorious yesterday? […]

Short baby breaks recharge the batteries

We arrived back from Cape Town on Sunday morning. The flight back was pretty chilled despite the fact that Jack was still very miserable. Emma was super chilled and did not cry once which made it much easier to deal with Jack. It was a really great holiday, being with my family always makes me […]