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Be happy! Really, properly happy!

Right now, if I think about it I could probably find a list as long as my arms of why I shouldn’t be happy. I could message a friend right now and spend the afternoon whining, moaning and complaining about crap. We would probably feed each off each others negativity and by the end of the conversation we would both feel totally validated and be convinced everyone hates us, nothing is our fault and life sucks!

OR I could message a friend and talk about positive things, the exciting developments in our careers, how amazing our kids are. By the end of the conversation we would both feel excited, happy and our cups would be full. We would both have a good day, laugh a little and marvel in just how blessed we are. Benefits of Positive Thinking|HarassedMom

I see you some of you are rolling your eyes and thinking “it’s not that easy” especially when the bills are piling up, kids are sick, work sucks and you are picking up weight. But you know what? It IS that easy! 

Just because I don’t want to focus on my problems or talk about them or wallow in the doesn’t meant they don’t exist. I have spent a lot of time actively working on changing the way I think. When I look back and remember how negative and miserable I was. How whiney I was, I cringe a little. It was so easy to get so focused on the negative that I would forget about the happy stuff I had in my life. 

For those of you who are still skeptical, let me tell you about the proven ways that positive thinking can benefit your life.Benefits of Positive Thinking|HarassedMom

You are better at coping with hardships and times of stress.  I can definitely attest to this. When life gets stressful now, which is almost daily, I manage it a lot better. I don’t catastrophize every single situation like I used to. I focus on the stuff I can change and let go of the other stuff. 

Positive thinkers have greater resistance to the common cold (and in my unproven opinion, I think resistance to a lot of things).Benefits of Positive Thinking|HarassedMom

It has been proven that people who focus on positivity have better psychological and physical well-being, it makes you a lot more resilient. When life knocks us down, it is easy to lie on the floor wailing and cursing and blaming everyone and everything instead of getting up, dusting yourself off, learning the lesson and moving forward. The older I get the more I am learning that the key to success isn’t money or power but resilience.

I wish I had figured this all our a few years ago because it has had a ripple effect on my life in general. It is easier being negative and miserable but life is so much more beautiful when you are positive. It really is a no-brainer. 

There will always be curve balls and challenges and tough days! But there will also always be beauty and happiness, if you just look for it. 



  1. 29 June, 2018 / 3:19 pm

    Totally agree! Positivity is the way to go!

  2. 2 July, 2018 / 11:55 pm

    A gratitude list is such a great way to focus on the positive and realize how happy we really are.

  3. 3 July, 2018 / 6:59 am

    This is so true, I could have written it myself (especially the cringe comment). I always tell my husband if you think positively, you’ll feel better. He always gets the “man flu” and is miserable for way longer because he focused on the negativity of it. It really is just that easy to change up your thinking!


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