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#BuyABook and Make A Difference

It is National Book Week and we are celebrating with a virtual tour of the country.

A big part of the campaign focus is to make books and reading accessible to both adults and children across the country. This is not an easy task but you can help to make more books access to more people all over South Africa.

During National Book Week you can head to Bargain Books or Exclusive Books and buy some books for only R20 that will be donated nationally allowing both adults and children to have access to books that they can read simply for the joy of reading.

One of the country’s longest-running book donation drives, #BUYABOOK, a centerpiece of NBW, returns this year with “Fun With Funda Bala”  – a children’s activity book that can be bought at Bargain Books and Exclusive Books for only R20. The public is encouraged to buy the book and pay it forward, that is, donate it to a child or adult.  According to the research by SABDC, 58% of homes in South Africa do not have a single book. See promotional material HERE

The activity book is a physical tool for children and adults alike to have fun with words while expressing their creativity. The book which all South Africans, including corporates, are encouraged to buy and donate includes, quizzes, colour in pages, stories and games for hours of offline fun. The activity book honours all official languages as well as the forgotten Nama. 

While you are out and about this week, pop in to Bargain Books or Exclusive Books and add some books to your trolley for R20 that will make a huge difference in the lives of children across South Africa.


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