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The Benefits of Music

“Music acts like a magic key, to which the most tightly closed heart opens.” – Maria von Trapp

If you walk into our home at any given time you will find at least 3 out of the 4 ids with ear phones n listening to music. (The fourth kid is probably asking whats for lunch). I don’t put the WiFi off to get their attention I stop paying the music subs and I have their attention (and anger).

Their taste is also so varied and includes music my mom introduced them too, to songs we play at braais with Ansie to their own choices. I love listening to what songs they all enjoy and don’t enjoy and hearing our influences come through.

Ansie used to play the Lumineers at all our braais and all four of my kids know the words to most of their songs off by heart and have their songs in their play lists.

I love that music plays such a big role in their lives. Listening to music has so many benefits for everyone in the family.

Introducing Deezer

  • Music makes you happier. Put on that happy song and you are guaranteed to feel better!
  • It lowers stress! Listening to music decreases cortisol which is the stress hormone, so you feel calmer.
  • Music helps you to sleep better.
  • Music (apparently) helps you eat less. Studies have been done on this.
  • It can reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression.
  • Playing music in the car while you are stuck in traffic can make the trip infinitely better.
  • Music strengthens memory and learning. This makes sense because when you learn the song words you are using your memory.
  • Music can increase verbal intelligence.
  • Music improves the overall performance of your brain.

Because the little ones are still little, I wanted to have ‘control’ over what apps they use so downloading Deezer seemed like the obvious choice. We set up a family account and then linked everyone to that, it is super simple and easy to manage.

Deezer isn’t only available on your phone you can set it up on your desktop as well and stream through your laptop. AND you can also set it up to play on your TV which means you can enjoy karaoke vibes or set it up to your blue tooth speakers to blast those tunes.

Some of the benefits of Deezer Family

  • You get 6 individual profiles
  • There are no limits – you can play any track at any time.
  • You can connect up to 13 devices – phones, desktops, speakers etc
  • You can set up kid profiles which means you can control what they listen to.
  • You can enjoy SongCatcher, Flow and Lyrics

I love the ease of having one app that everyone can use, it saves on setting up accounts for everyone and obviously saves us on monthly subscriptions.

Do your kids listen to music? What is their favourite genre to listen to?


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