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Meat-Free BBQ Ideas

I do not like braai meat!

There I said and I realise I may now have my South Africa ID ripped from my fingers. But I really don’t. I love the idea of a braai. I love sitting around the fire. The snacks, the vibe, the potato bake – it’s just the meat I have issues with.

I have also been largely meat free since January so I have been looking out for meat free ideas to put on the braai, because whether or not I like meat, braai we must!

There are a few things I have discovered that are delicious both on and off the braai.

Meat-free BBQ Ideas

Halloumi. You can buy braai halloumi at Checkers and it is the best thing ever. Even David makes sure I get some every time we braai and he is all about the meat! The sweet chilli one is pretty chilli but Jack enjoyed the lemon flavoured one.

Large brown mushrooms. Pop a blob of butter on, add some chopped garlic and put it on the braai. You can add some cheese if you want to but the garlic butter and a little salt is really all they need. One of our Pick n Pays has loose mushrooms which means I can also get them without plastic.

Braaied (roast) veggies. This takes a little bit of time depending on the veggies you use so plan the timing. Chop up the veggies you have, pour on some olive oil or coconut oil, sprinklee some salt, wrap up in some tin foil and put on the braai.

Vegetable Kebabs. These are great because you can make lots and serve them as a side dish for the meat eaters at the bbq. Mushrooms, baby marrows, onion, peppers, baby tomatoes, cauliflower mini corn all work well for veggie kebabs on the braai. You want to try add vegetables that take the same amount of time to cook.

Burgers and sausages. You can find veggie burgers and sausages pretty much anywhere. I struggle to find ones that are gluten free (and that taste nice) so I tend to avoid them but the option is there.

If you enjoy a braai but don’t like braai meat try out one (or all) of these meat-free bbq options and let me know which one you like the best!

Next time you head out to a braai, make a batch of this Sparkly Soiree for everyone to enjoy.

Do you enjoy braai meat?

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Meat free BBQ options! Enjoy your BBQ with these delicious meat free options.

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  1. 26 October, 2020 / 6:40 am

    Such great ideas! I will definitely pin this!

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