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Hello baby! How quickly we forget.

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you will have seen our first baby arrived on Monday. We are still adjusting to having a little person in the house but so far it is going well. I have decided to name him Serious Sam, while he is the sweetest little thing, he is also extremely serious. 

Yesterday I had to take him with me to the office, which as we know is never a good idea. He was a lot calmer than I expected and I even managed to get him to nap. I have never managed to get a baby to sleep as easily as I got him to sleep yesterday. But I realised as we were getting ready and travelling around that I have forgotten just how much goes STUFF a baby needs. I initially packed my baby bag but ended up packing my gym bag because I needed to take so much stuff.

I had to remember food! The older kids are a lot easier to feed on the go. I can buy a sandwich, hamburger or even in crisis times a packet of chips but this little guy only eats certain things. So I had to make sure I had enough food for him. 

And clothes. I stopped packing in extra clothes ages ago. We went through two sets yesterday because of the MESS. The mess when they eat. Oh gosh! Even with two bibs I couldn’t catch it all. When I got into the Gautrain I realised I had baby biscuit squashed into my pants and caked on my arm!


I am pretty sure I spoke about my kids being busy. I know once babies hit a year everyone thinks their baby has either ADD or are hyperactive, so I know its normal. But last night I ran after this kid until my heart rate was up and I was sweating! For someone who can’t walk yet he can move like nothing I have ever seen before. We attended a concert at my kids school and he crawled and crawled until he eventually passed out. I am considering asking Momentum to let me count time with him towards my Active Dayz points!

One thing I did forget was nappy bags. I think this is a mistake you only make once. There are now nappy bags in his bag and we aren’t even going anywhere today.

There is nothing cuter than a baby laughing and while he doesn’t often laugh, when he does it is from his belly and the cutest thing in the world. Jack and Emma invariable start laughing as well and then it’s just a big gorgeous mess of little people laughing their hearts out. 

The transition from 4 to 5 kids has been smoother than I thought it would and the kids are all super excited to have him with us. (I do realise the novelty may wear off once they realise he is here for a while 🙂 )

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  1. Carla M VD Westhuizen
    20 September, 2017 / 12:41 pm

    My little guy is 15 months old and busy busy busy like a puppy! So i know how you must feel! I think you are a wonderful human being for what you are doing! xx

  2. Linda
    22 September, 2017 / 12:07 pm

    You are such a special person to do this. It is really admirable.

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