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Hello Spring

I know Spring is all about new beginnings and growth and excitement but I do kinda just want to sit in the corner and be still for a couple of weeks. August was crazy crazy crazy. I thought it would get easier now that we only have one child in school. I thought wrong.

I know it is really pointless to complain about how busy we have been because it is the reality of life with 4 kids but I feel like having a little moment about it.

I don’t remember my life being this busy when I was a child. It may very well have been, I just don’t remember it.

So what were we so busy with?

Let me give you a quick summary

  • Swimming season has started and we are on our 3rd gala already since the beginning of August.
  • Kiara had her big dance concert on Saturday. So there was a bit of prep for that.
  • Cameron was chosen as deputy head boy which is so incredible and we are very proud but it meant a few extra dinners and events.
  • My mom came to visit so we were getting the house ready for her visit.
  • All four kids have extra murals every afternoon. My mom in law helps out with the younger two but there is a lot of driving around every single afternoon.
  • Work has been a bit crazy with lots of meetings, events, and other general disruptions.
  • There was a bit of a personal issue that I had to deal with mid-August. It was hard hard hard. It hit me hard and it has taken a while for me to work through it.
  • Kiara has started art classes on a Saturday. She is absolutely loving it.
  • David has been so busy at work which is awesome but it means I don’t have a tag team buddy in the afternoons.

See it is nothing really interesting or out of the ordinary, it just seemed to all happen at the same time. I was starting to feel like the hamster wheel would never stop and my life would just be one long series of pickups and drop-offs.

But here we are, September and the start of a new season. We do have a lot planned for the new month but I know about it. I can plan and organise my afternoons and weekends. August just felt like everything was happening suddenly and without warning.

The frightening thing is that if you haven’t started planning for Christmas you are probably behind the curve. I am currently behind the curve on this. Each year I plan to get ahead of it, each year I find myself rushing around at the last minute.

Have you started planing or the festive seasons?
Was your August also crazy?

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