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Back to school looks a little different for so many this year. Some schools have already gone back while others are only going back later on in January. Jack and Emma were back at home school last week and Kiara starts tomorrow so we spent the week getting ready for her Grade 12 year with a trip to PNA to stock up on our back to school supplies.

I have noticed that now that we homeschool we use a lot less stationery than when the kids were at school. In fact we still have some of the pencil crayons that we got 2 years ago when we started homeschooling. But the one thing we never seem to have enough of is art supplies. Kiara takes art as a subject and both Jack and Emma enjoy drawing so we always need paint, sketch pads, pencils and related art supplies.

Back to school with PNA

Kiara only buys her art supplies from PNA. They have the biggest selection of drawing pencils, paints, sketch pads and canvases so we spend a lot of time in our local PNA store. She even found a PNA in Swellendam in the Western Cape while we were on holiday.

It made sense that we headed to PNA to stock up the art supplies she needed for her Grade 12 and of course we all had to get something because you can’t go to a stationery store and walk out empty handed, right?

What does an art love really need?

Sketch pads – lots and lots of sketch pads. Jack and Emma both got sketchpads for Christmas, Jacks is almost done, so he got a new one and Kiara got two different sized ones.

Pencils – these aren’t just ordinary normal pencils. They are pencils Kiara, and now Jack, use to sketch with. We got a really stunning pack of Staedtler pencils for them both. Kiara has actually bought it before but said it is a great pack to get.

Paints – the selection of paints at PNA is something to behold. They have oil paints, acrylic paints, powder paints, watercolor paints, glitter paints and more. Kiara uses these for her paintings and I use the more affordable acrylic tubes for the kids.

Pens – we are all about the colour so plain black and blue pens are only used when we absolutely have to. For everything else we use as much colour as we can, so these pens were perfect.

Pencils Case – so Emma has a little pencil case obsession. So obviously we had to get a new one. The selection of pencil cases at PNA is insane!

The little wooden mannequin was a last minute purchase but Jack has been using it since we got it. It stands on his desk and he draws different angles and poses.

I picked this up and then put it down and then picked it up again. I just couldn’t decide if we needed it or not but now I am so sorry I didn’t get it. This primeart brand is really so awesome. This set would be perfect as a birthday gift or just to get a budding artist painting.

Stock up on art supplies for your art lover or just get your back to school stationery from PNA. Check PNA to find your nearest store.

If you do have an art lover, what is their favourite art item?

Disclaimer: I was not paid for this post but did receive a voucher to stock up on supplies in exchange for a blog post.



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