Connecting Through Creativity

Getting creative has always been a part of our lives. Even before we started homeschooling. My mom was a teacher so we often did creative stuff at home whether is was baking or making coloured eggs at Easter.

The last few months have been so hard for so many of us, including our children who have had to continue school from home. The juggle for many parents has been so real and I have watched moms and dads pull their hair out as they try to get their kids to sit still, complete the worksheets or watch the zoom classes. While all of that is great and it has to be done, getting creative with your kids is so important.

I received the below piece from BIC and it resonated with me. I can’t stress it enough, your kids WILL learn to read and write regardless of whether they do the worksheets or not. Give yourself a break, pull out the crayons, markers and paints and get creative. I promise you that both you and your children will feel better afterwards.

The Importance of Creativity in Children During Lockdown

Children are struggling too – their normal weekday routines are gone and there is limited contact with their classmates and teachers. What’s more, these changes to the structure of daily life can have a significant impact on young minds. Luckily, initiatives like the #BICStayInspired campaign have been created to inspire your little ones during this uncertain and confusing time.

Link between creativity and well-being

There have been multiple studies conducted to show that creativity and well-being are positively linked. Psychologist Bernice Castle agrees, saying that art and creativity help the development of children in various ways. “Art can be a powerful tool among children and adults alike. If children engage in hands-on art activities, they learn much better in all disciplines.”

Castle continues, “Art helps children apply their gross and fine motor skills to something meaningful and tap into their problem-solving skills through visual cognitive responses. Art has been proven to stimulate imagination, improve observation skills, boost self-esteem, provide a sense of accomplishment and reduce stress.

“Finally, art creates opportunities for them to communicate how they see and experience the world and allows them to give expression to their feelings about the situations they encounter in their daily lives,” she concludes.

Getting creative together

The need to keep kids engaged and entertained during the lockdown has left many working parents scratching their heads. Here are some ways you can tap into your kids’ creative outlets and keep them engaged in meaningful ways during these uncertain times:

Set up an art station – Dedicate a small section of your home to art projects. BIC has a wide range of high-quality stationery perfect for art projects with the kids. They’re made to last, and widely available at your favourite grocery or stationery store.

Set daily challenges – Give your kids a challenge for the day. This will help them meet daily goals and provide a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.

Keep everything – Don’t throw anything away. Display the really good art pieces and keep the rest in storage. Not only are these great keepsakes, but they show kids their work is special and deserves attention.

Find online resources – There are thousands of resources online, from blogs to Youtube tutorials and more, like https://kids.bickids-mea.com/. Make use of these resources to add a creative spin to things.

See the #BICStayInspired tutorials on – https://www.facebook.com/BICSA/

Get involved – Whether it’s reaching out to fellow parents or school educators or searching online, use the resources you have to get involved and stay connected.



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