What a bad day looks like.

I am pretty open about the fact that life isn’t always sunshine and roses. I do really try, on the bad days to focus on the good and at the end of the day I make sure the kids know it was just a rough day.

A couple of weeks ago we had the mother of bad days. I was questioning every thing and honestly felt like I had no business being a mother, never mind a homeschooling mother. It wasn’t just a case of me having a bad day, it was all of us. Every single one of us was having a rough day.

So what happened?

It started right from the moment we woke up. I didn’t feel like working out and when I ask Jack to come to the table to start the school day, he refused. He just didn’t want to do anything but did eventually come and sit down. Emma joined us a bit later and then the fighting started. They fought over every.single.thing. If Jack picked up a yellow pencil case, Emma wanted it. If Emma started cutting something, Jack needed the scissors. (It didn’t matter they had their OWN stuff).

This image was not taken on the day in question but rather in happier times.

Eventually I called time out and decided we would go join the library. Off we go, excited to dive into some good books. We arrive at the library and I go rejoin. Well, I tried to rejoin. Turned out that Cameron still had 3 books and we could rejoin but we couldn’t take out books until we had returned/replaced the books AND pay a fine of R80 per book. I tell the kids we have to go find Cameron’s books and come back. Jack starts crying. SERIOUSLY, he starts crying. Emma keeps asking me why we have to get Cameron’s books. Eventually we get to the car, arrive home and Jack (still very distraught) storms upstairs. Emma attempts to help me find the books, which thankfully Cameron had kept together for over a year.

Library visit take 2

We head out again with a quick stop at PnP to draw some money because who has R80 x 3 in cash lying around? Arrive at the library, check the books back in, hand over the R80x3 PLUS R30x3 for the new cards and the same librarian who was very unfriendly 30 minutes ago says “no just pay for the cards, no need to pay for the fines”

ARE YOU JOKING??????? Was what I was thinking but instead I said ‘thank you’, grabbed my cards and went to find some books. Jack was no longer distraught, he was now bored. He may have even declared the library the most boring place ever. Emma was living her best life and grabbed about 25 books she HAD TO HAVE. I took her enthusiasm as a win!

By now, though, I had decided that the school day was done. My plan was for us to get home and the kids could read their books. I was so ready to show Instagram my little cherubs devouring knowledge on the lounge floor.

When we got home, I told them they had to sit in the lounge and read. Jack decided he wanted to rather lie on his bed and do nothing and Emma was no longer enthusiastic about her many books, in fact she looked at them and said they were all boring.


Well, ok then.

I admitted temporary defeat, made some coffee and started working. David, who had been working up until this moment, decided he had some time to try deal with the situation. He does a team talk with both of them and gets them to the table and then he says………….

Your mom will be here now to carry on school with you, be nice to her.

WAIT, WHAT? WHO will be there to start school? The same person who has just battled wills them for over 3 hours already?

Guys, I was livid! You know when you get so mad you have nothing to say? I actually think he then left for a meeting, I was so furious I blocked him out completely. Because he had now set the scene I HAD to show up. It was painful and I lasted 20 minutes and then tapped out for real.

Just before I went to fetch Cameron I asked Kiara if her day was going any better. It was not. She was struggling with her art and was just not feeling it at all.

Cameron’s grade are/were dealing with a racism issue that had him a little distracted.

And let’s not forget Lucy who is a constant bundle of nerves but more so when Emma yells, like she did earlier in the day.

In case anyone is wondering how David’s day went that day, I don’t know, after his announcement that I would join the kids at the table to start their day at 10h30, I blocked his existence out.

Like anything life, there was eventually calm. Jack and Emma went to swimming, Kiara went to dancing, Cameron went to swimming and I had 45 minutes of quiet time in which I ate my body weight in the delicious chicken curry I made.

The kids have no recollection of this day. It shall be etched on my brain forever though as the day my husband threw me under the bus and then watched it drive over me.

What does a bad day look like? Around here it can get kinda crazy!



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  1. Preach momma! I have had my husband get involved with something that I was explaining (not even school related. I hadn’t even climbed out of bed yet or had coffee), the kids were harassing me so I set out something on the numicon as a distraction so I could get coffee & wake up. He bursts in & starts using complicated terminology that did nothing but confuse Cody & then told him that I was wrong & teaching him the wrong thing. HOW IN ALL THAT IS HOLY DO YOU TELL A CHILD THAT THE PERSON WHO IS MEANT TO BE TEACHING THEM IS TEACHING THEM THE WRONG WAY?! Think I told him very colorfully to go away & not get involved or undermine me, ESPECIALLY when he doesn’t know what the end game was

  2. I take my hat off to you! I have one child, and have been toying with the idea of homeschooling, but gosh, I’m not there yet! Well done on surviving this day! Megan xx

  3. Wow you a super mom. I salute your strength, my husband and I was talking about home schooling our kids but we don’t know when it’s going to happened.

  4. sometimes, considering you can’t please everyone, you just take the joy from one and chalk it up as you had some success. my kids wold be the same in the library.

  5. Homeschooling is definitely challenging and my hat off to you for doing it. I am an educator, but I knew it was not the best option for my children. It’s great you are doing what is best for them even though it stretches and challenges you.

  6. lol “the day my husband threw me under the bus and watched it run over me” girl, i can RELATE! i am so grateful for grace in motherhood. As a stay at home mom, we have plenty of bad days around here. Sometimes I feel bad about them but then I stop myself and say, “You are with your kids ALL DAY EVERY DAY! You never get a break from them! You are bound to have more bad days with them than the average person because you are with them significantly more!” so cut yourself some slack and hang in there, mama! You are doing awesome!

  7. Oh man…. You’re one strong mama tho…. Keep it up! Even though you felt defeated you did it! These kids will be the death of us… But it’s our reason for living too… Haha!

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