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Imperfect Parenting continued

Belinda wrote this post a while ago and the same mom she mentioned in her post said something on Facebook that prompted me to write this post. Julie (the mom Belinda mentions) said how people often comment on how she has her stuff together, when in fact she doesn’t so she is on a mission to dis-spell the myth that she get’s it right all the time. I loved that. I often scroll through people’s feeds and wonder how they manage to create some perfect lives (and clean houses). I know what we see is only a snap shot of what we want the world to see but only sharing the pretty is setting everyone up for failure because parenting is a lot of things, but it is not pretty.

I have also had the “you always look so in control” comments and people often ask me how I do it with 4 kids. I have written about it before. I parent, like I life my live for the most part – I wing it. Some days are amazing and I high five myself in the mirror and say “take that Pinterest. Some days are freaking revolting and I curl up at the end of the day questioning every life choice I have ever made.

I thought I would join Belinda and share some of my imperfect moments. This is not a passive cry for accolades of how well I am doing. I know I am getting this parenting thing more right than wrong but I also now I am doing it imperfectly. The aim is to let you all know we are all in the same boat. We all make the same mistakes, forget the same things and live imperfect lives and we need to start being more open about it. Imperfect Parenting|HarassedMom

  • Last night Cameron had to buy his own dinner. I would like to lay the blame for this at David’s feet but I didn’t organise the meals properly before I left and David had a late meeting last night. So I had to ewallet Cam money so he could buy his own dinner. 
  • I am extremely inconsistent. I will stand firm today and tomorrow crumble the minute I hear a whiny voice argue with me.
  • I shout! Loudly (and ineffectively).
  • I haven’t checked Jack’s homework diary in months. I could list some reasons for this but honestly homework and homework books are the bane of my existence so I tend to avoid them.
  • I forget Cameron’s lunch more often than not. Even when he sends me whatsapp messages reminding me, it is still touch and go.
  • Most Sunday nights we have some sort of cake or dessert for dinner. Not because I am a cool mom but because I am lazy and like to eat.
  • I have no idea when pajama day is or even if they have these sorts of days. This applies to them all. I try keep track but generally its a day before reminder.
  • Emma dresses herself. This means we have been out before with her wearing two completely different flip flops.
  • I swear way too much. 
  • I drop Cameron off at the bus every morning in my pyjama’s. He needs to be at the bus at 6h30. I don’t need to get it out. It is 5 min from our house. 
  • They all probably watch too much TV.
  • We missed the slow lounge at Lanseria – apparently it is on the outside? So when we flew to Cape Town on Monday they all had a packet of chips for breakfast!
  • I don’t take them for their annual dentist check ups. I am not even sure if they are meant to go annual? From what age? Maybe I don’t even need to take them?
  • The babies don’t bath every day. I assume, but don’t check, that Cameron showers at gym every day. 
  • I probably give them too much sugar.

Tell me your imperfect parenting moments.

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  1. Mandy
    7 July, 2017 / 10:18 am

    Oh my word I just LOVED reading this… I’m not alone!!! The shouting out loud and cake for Sunday dinner are two of my biggest guilt trips! Haha

  2. 7 July, 2017 / 12:32 pm

    Love this!
    Phew! I also let it slide sometimes (lots), and I’ve got only one to to out of the house each day. 😉

  3. deborah
    7 July, 2017 / 3:00 pm

    Luv this post and no you are not alone I often shout too much. there has been times when I have forgotten all about lunch when the kids came to tell me they were starving hungry I looked at the time and was like well now its almost time for dinner so wait (cant ruin the appetite before then) actually I might have even told them just grab some fruit or see what snacks are in the cupboard (sugar overload ) with regards to dropping Cameron off in your pj’s don’t have a problem with that just make sure you check the petrol gauge before you leave home my sister did the school drop off once in her pj’s (lucky they looked like shorts & tshirt) but she ran out of petrol with her daughter right outside one of the rival boys schools my poor niece was trying to duck from view

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