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Work From Home Moms You Should Follow

Working Mom's Who Inspire Me | HarassedMomMore and more moms are leaving the Corporate world of 9-5 to working from home either in their own businesses or for companies that see the value in allowing parents work from home.

These are a few of the moms that I follow who manage the work from home juggle.

Sarah from Mascara and Mimosas :   Sarah is a blogger but also runs a business from home. If you want some practical beauty tips and ideas then follow Sarah. She is also pretty budget conscious so does share products that are affordable.

Jaclyn from Schnooky Pie Jaclyn is the brains behind Schnooky Pie and I have watched hr bsiness grow over the past 2 years and I know it is going to only expand even more. Her little boy is only a few months old, she made juggling a newborn,a toddler and a business look super easy.

Maz from Driven Social Maz is not only a friend but she recently took the leap of faith to work from home and then got pregnant so she is currently juggling pregnancy, 2 kids, a blog and a new business.Working Mom's Who Inspire Me | HarassedMom

Carla from The Fitness Expert I have mentioned Carla before, her and I have worked together on an eating and fitness plan.She is a personal trainer and a single mom with a little boy who has an auto-immune disorder so is sick more often than most kids.

Zoe from The Born Geek. Zoe is mom to the beautiful Harley and she works from home as a freelancer and blogger. Zoe and her family recently moved back to the US and she managed that juggle so well, they made it look easier than I am sure it was.

Belinda from Making Mountains Belinda has been an inspiration to me for years. She runs a successful business, looks unbelievably stylish every single time I see her and has two gorgeous little people. She juggles her business in Joburg from Cape Town which means travel but she does it seamlessly.

Tanya from Rattle and Mum Tanya has a few balls in the air, she runs two blogs, a business in PR and two kiddies, one who also doesn’t love the idea of regular sleep.

Lizzi Lau from Lizzi Lau Travels Lizzie is a single mom who really is walking her own path. She travels all over with her daughter and they document their journeys on Lizzie’s blog and her daughter has just started her own blog.

Kai from Kai Hernandez Kai also decided to leave corporate life to be with her daughter and now works from her home so she can be around for her little girl more. Kai is doing the 31 days of post challenge as well and her topic is very similar to mine, her posts have been really useful. She really has put together some great posts for moms running their own businesses from home.

Sarah from Sarah’s Sage Advice Sarah is a mom of two little cutie pies!! She is another mama who also juggles a few balls – a blog, a business, a part-time job outside the home, 2 kiddies and I am sure there is more.

Toni from Our Family Code. I have been following Toni for a while since I have decided to homeschool I am book marking all her posts. She is a fellow mom of 4 and that is a juggle in itself but she does it so well.

Inez from For the Love of Mom Inez is brains behind the Influential Mama Facebook groups, which has been so helpful to me over the past few months as a blogger. She is another single mom who works from home, runs a blog and home schools her son.

These are not the only moms working from home, they are just the moms I have connected with and admire. I would love to hear which work from home moms inspire you.



  1. 13 October, 2018 / 3:32 pm

    It’s inspirational to see other moms making working from home work!

  2. Rachel
    13 October, 2018 / 3:34 pm

    I am going to send this list to my friend. She is pretty high up in the corporate world and looking for ways she can work from home.

  3. 13 October, 2018 / 10:03 pm

    I’m already following a few of these ladies! This is such a great list. I will have to check out the rest of these lovely momma’s for more inspiration!

  4. 14 October, 2018 / 1:24 am

    I love checking out different blogs. I don’t think I am familiar with these moms and it would be cool to check out their blogs and advice.

  5. 17 October, 2018 / 7:45 am

    I am a work at home mom too! Bravo to all you wonderful moms! Nice to meet you ; )!

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