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Introducing Gluten Free Me

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y relationship with this brand, is actually rather interesting and was totally unplanned and unexpected! I was tagged in a competition they were running and the prize included some of their mixes and some Lego, two my favourite things. So when I saw the little GlutenFreeMe logo pop in my Facebook messages I was convinced I had won. I had not. But after a long chat about our gluten free journeys, homeschooling and baking, I had added whole lot of items to my shopping basket and checked out.

And so began my adventures with Gluten Free Me. Full disclosure, I have tried many, man, MANY gluten free mixes over the years. Friends have bought me mixes from overseas, I have embarrassingly large amounts of money just to be able to make a cake or some bread. More often than not I am let down and disappointed and often even left without cake because the mix tastes horrible or just doesn’t work. So I was hesitant to get too excited about these mixes. On the positive though, they were really reasonably priced, for gluten free products so the risk seemed justifiable.

Gluten Free Me Mixes

My box of goodies arrived – it was a brownie mix, bread mix, cake mix and muffin mix. I made the bread mix first because I have been making bread for my family daily and was desperate for some hot bread and butter. Firstly the recipe was super – no beating this until creamy or kneading that until it is dough like. It required me to simple add a few ingredients into a bowl and mix. And then 40 minutes later I had the most amazing loaf of bread!

And I say amazing with all honesty. I was a not sent these products to try out and review, I paid for them, so when I say it was amazing, it really was. The strangest thing happens to this flour, when it cools down it goes purple but when you toast it or heat it up it goes brown again.

Best brownies EVER!

We did a lot of baking over the Easter weekend so I had to try out the brownie mix but I smashed some little Easter eggs and added them in. I had to check a few times that the mix was in fact gluten free, it was THAT good. I had to hide them from my family – despite there being an abundance of treats for them these brownies were perfect.

Then my birthday arrived and I was SO excited to have a proper cake to enjoy. Especially because I couldn’t spend the day with friends. Again, my family, who usually avoid gluten free stuff, shoved the cake so fast into their faces. I ended up hiding a few pieces away!

Last but not least was the banana and choc-chip muffins. I think I only had two of these and the kids enjoyed the rest. The chocolate chips are a yummy addition to the plain banana muffin.

All of the mixes require 2/3 ingredients and all you have to do is mix them all together. I LOVE this because you can mix them all up in a few minutes. The prices of the Gluten Free Me mixes vary R30 and R60. When it comes to gluten free stuff this is super reasonable. I have made 4 of their mixes and they were all successes, so you know your money will be well spent.

If you are gluten free then you HAVE to give these guys a try. They are still delivering during the lock down so you can definitely still order now.

If you do want to buy from Gluten Free Me, go here and order, your life will be forever changed.


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  1. 24 April, 2020 / 9:02 am

    OMGsh, thank you for sharing! Fifi is gluten intolerant and we are forever looking for easy recipes to make yummy treats 🙂 You’re a time saver!

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