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It is the year of lasts

When you have a child the focus of those first couple of years is on all the “firsts”. The first smile, first word, first step, the first day of school. Everything is documented so well and you take photos and videos and it is all so exciting celebrating your child. This year, however, we are celebrating the year of lasts as Cameron starts matric in a couple of days!

I am not an overly emotional parent. I have never really felt sad that my kids are growing up. Each stage has been better than the last, the teen stage with Cameron and Kiara has without a doubt been the best age. Watching them carve out their place in the world is something incredibly special and it makes me happy seeing how they are changing and growing.

But then something happened just before Christmas. It wasn’t something major. In fact, it wasn’t even something anyone said or did. It was one of those moments where you sitting drinking your coffee and you suddenly realize that your child will be an adult next Christmas. I realized that there is also a strong possibility that he may not spend the holidays with us this year.

It made me incredibly sad. I was not prepared for how sad it made me.

Obviously I am so excited for the year that lies ahead as he gains more and more freedom. He will start driving. He will start applying for varsities. He will start planning a life without us (yes I know that sounds so dramatic, but allow me some drama).

We are celebrating the lasts!

So we have decided to go full out and celebrate all the lasts happening this year! In fact, I am going to go all out Beverly Goldberg on this year. Kiara and I have decided there will shirts and photos and scrapbooks and maybe even skywriters! We are going to be celebrating and documenting it all!

As much as this is his year and his moment. It is also a big deal for me and for the whole family. We are going to make sure we all make the most of it!

What grades are your kiddos in this year?


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  1. Antoinette
    14 January, 2020 / 9:56 pm

    I loved this post… I’m sure you felt sad & incredibly proud.
    For us it is Grade 8 so excited for the changes in high school. Grade 6 and Grade 3

    Over Christmas we decided to pull out all the old videos of them when they were babes and young kids. I cried as I missed these fleeting moments. My mum was in many DVDs even her last few days she was with my kids. I was so sad. Life is all but moments. I hope your moments are. beautiful ones this year.

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