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Just stop it…..please

I have been taking Evening Primrose Oil for a few months now. Last month they ran out and I never replaced them (combination of limited budget and disorganisation). To be honest I wasn’t really sure if I stopped them they would make much of a difference.

Well three days into pms and I had managed to throw some pretty impressive tantrums, I had snapped at everyone of my family members and I was considering clubbing baby seals. It became evident very quickly that I did in fact need my evening primrose!

I don’t know if you suffer from these demonic type mood swings once a month but if you do, you will know that they are probably the worst part of being a women because it is literally like your mouth takes on a life of its own and spews venom at everyone while you are thinking “WHY AM I SAYING THIS”.

Fortunately there were no baby seals harmed and my family, I am happy to report, still love me. In fact Cameron, in true man fashion, was oblivious to my wild rantings. There were a few moments though where I wanted to yell at people JUST STOP IT! PLEASE!

Parents who disobey the school parking rules! JUST STOP IT! Both schools have very clearly marked parking rules. At Kiara’s school there is an in and there is an out. There is a very clearly marked drop off zone, this works just like at the airport – you drop off and go, you don’t discuss the annual family holiday! There are also very clearly marked parking spots – if there is a wheel chair sign and you don’t have a wheelchair then you can’t stop there, same if there is a P with a stripe through it – no parking! Just stop it…..please!

People who stop in the middle of the shopping isles. JUST STOP IT! Stopping to the side to check out items is totally acceptable. Stopping slap bang in the middle of the isle so no one can pass you while you check your phone, catch up with your long lost friend (I wonder how many reunions have happened in the isles of Pick n Pay). Don’t do it, move over to the side or go to the Wimpy. Just stop it…..please!

People who use the express till for their monthly shopping! JUST STOP IT! There is a reason why there is a separate till for “10 items or less”. It is so that those of us who are running in to grab cupcakes for Baker Man or A2 cardboard for a project have someone to get out quickly! Don’t try to force your trolley through, there is a reason why it doesn’t fit! Just stop it…..please!

People in big cars who can’t park! JUST STOP IT! Or at the very least learn how to park your huge big mommy van. I have a big car. I accept its limitations, I park where it is easy and I make a point of checking the people next to me can get in and out. It is not because I am a good person, it is just manners. Parking your car like a twit is not proper! Just stop it…..please!

People who enter a circle and then just stop because they realise it wasn’t actually their turn. JUST STOP IT!

People and their fake internet outrage! JUST STOP IT! Getting upset for 24 hours over the refugees or the hunted lion or whatever doesn’t necessarily mean that you care, it just means you know how to retweet and share on FB.

For the love of everything that we all hold sacred. Stop sharing naked photos of your children. If your child has a bum rash, ask for advise for a bum rash, we don’t need to see your kids bum! EVER! JUST STOP IT!

People who sit on Facebook and share homeless and abused animals, abused children and generally all things horrible. JUST STOP IT! Sharing stuff on the internet is NOT GOING TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Doing stuff is going to make a difference. Actually DOING something is the only way to make a difference. My friend Natasha shares all the homeless dogs but you know what she also does? She actually picks up the ones in her area, she makes sure they are safe. She isn’t just sitting sharing stuff but she is actually doing something. If you aren’t actually doing something you really can’t be sharing stuff, its lazy and unproductive. 

I have blogged about it before but people still do it. Stop sharing your dirty laundry on the internet. JUST STOP IT!

Right so now that that is out of the way! Lets all go out today and #belekker!!!!




  1. karen
    24 September, 2015 / 9:34 am

    I so agree with you hun, cause I simply can’t stand those abused children/animal posts myself and esp if they are not doing anything to help those in need!!!

  2. 24 September, 2015 / 11:24 am

    Ýes, yes and yes again!!!! Maybe I should give the Evening Primrose a try…. 😉
    Tana@JugglingMom recently posted…Home Sweet HomeMy Profile

  3. 25 September, 2015 / 8:54 am

    I can relate! I didn’t opt for the EPO because it’s a lot of Omega 6 but instead I went for Progesterone cream and I tell you without it I am screwed. It’s the bomb. I use the Naturone brand. It’s amazing and 100% natural. I wont go without it. It has made an immense difference to my life.
    Celeste Booysen recently posted…A rich heritage, a braai and a blog round-up.My Profile

  4. 25 September, 2015 / 2:11 pm

    Loved this post!! I read this post in the same indignant tone with which it was written, nodding my head and mumbling my agreement under my breath with every.single.word!

    I couldn’t agree more, especially with your comment about sharing or retweeting stuff – if you want to help, then get out there and help!!

  5. 1 October, 2015 / 7:03 pm

    Ok I did not know about this Evening Primrose thing. I’m going to buy some tomorrow because I WILL CUT A BITCH RIGHT NOW.
    SheBee recently posted…Stupid Things People Say To MomsMy Profile

    • Laura-Kim
      2 October, 2015 / 3:14 pm

      Sheena it really does make a huge difference but you need to keep taking it!


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