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Life Currently

It has been ages since I have done a life lately kinda post. You will be surprised how often I go back in my blog to see when things happened, so these posts are as much for me as they are for you guys.

I hate saying “I am so busy” because I don’t want to be so busy. Often I am not actually so busy, I just haven’t managed my time correctly. The reality though is that this season of our lives is busy. Both David and I are still very much building our businesses. Cameron is getting ready for varsity. We are still getting into the rhythm with our homeschooling. My days are full. My children’s days are full. It is just where we are, so we have to just put our heads down and focus, right?

The nice thing about seasons is, they change!

So what is happening?

Emma is sleeping but bedtime is still a little longer than I would like it. She was actually falling asleep in her own bed but then David went away for a week and she is now back to falling asleep with me.

We are struggling to get her to eat. Now normally this wouldn’t really bother me but she goes a little crazy when she doesn’t eat. I am trying to get her to link the hunger to the crying. She tells us she is feeling horrible and can’t stop crying but by then it is so hard to get her to eat.

When I asked her what food she wants me to keep in the house for her to make it easier, she said ice-cream and chocolate.

She has mixed feelings about homeschooling. Some days I get so much out of her and she just wants to do more and more and then on other days she wants nothing to do with anything. She gets bored super quickly and keeps telling me she knows all the things I am giving her.

She is a lot calmer over all though which we are all very appreciative of.

Jack is your stereotypical middle child. He just wants calm and quiet which means he gives in to Emma way too much.

He loves school, as long as we are doing something he enjoys, if it gets too tough or is something he doesn’t enjoy it is a challenge to get anything out of him. But he is doing well and I am happy with how he is progressing.

Jack is definitely more creative and loves to draw and play musical instruments so I try to focus on that.

Kiara is Kiara. She just gets on with life and does her own thing, when she wants to and how she wants to.

The last few weeks of school have been a bit stressful as we prepare for her first exams. We have had a few hiccups with one of the subjects but I am pretty sure it is going to all work out in the end. Fortunately not much seems to really stress her out so she is pretty calm about it all.

Cameron is 18 months away from the end of his high school career and with that obviously comes added stress. He has a plan but the plan does keep changing slightly and I suspect by the time he is done with school it will have changed a lot more.

I am trying to give him the freedom to figure this out without adding my voice too loudly. When he asks I give my opinion but I am very intentional about not pushing what I want for him onto him.

I am honestly not really to stressed if he decides to study. It is, however, important to me that he knows all of his options and where each one could potentially lead.

It is not an easy season of parenting emotionally but I have faith that he will make a decision that works for him.

David and I are fine. We don’t have as much time for one another as we would like or as we need but we manage. Both our businesses are growing and we know things will turn soon, they have to, right?

I would love to hear what is happening in your life at the moment? How are you kiddos doing?


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  1. 20 May, 2019 / 2:22 pm

    My husband and I are both so busy too. We don’t get to spend a whole lot of time together because we are so busy and the day seems to be over before we know it!


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