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Find out Melissa’s favourites for her daughters.

Last week we spoke to Zoe, mom to the gorgeous Harley, today we speak to Melissa from Pretty Messy Mellon to find out what some of her and her daughters favourites are. 

I am Melissa, mother of two beautiful little girls aged 4 years and 6 months. I blog over on Pretty Messy Mellon  where I write about anything ranging from beauty to parenting and general life stuff. I am a part time bookkeeper slash house wife. I have been with my very handsome lumberjack husband for 9 years now and we live a happy but busy life in George.

You can follow me on Twitter and InstagramPretty Messy Mellon|HarassedMom

What is your go to recipe? The one you know your kids will eat EVERY time?

My go to recipe is Mac and cheese. Just plane old simple Mac and cheese, macaroni with a basic white sauce and cheese on top. The whole family loves it and the kids never argue against it! Plus its perfect for when im dead lazy.

Where do you buy most of your kids clothes? Why is that your favourite place to buy them?

Woolworths is my go to for the kiddies clothing, they always have cute things for the girls and I find the quality to be great for the price of most of their items. I also love Parental Instinct for kids clothing, they have such wonderfully unique items that are super cute!Pretty Messy Mellon|HarassedMom

What is your favourite family restaurant?

Our favorite restaurant here in George is Primi Piatti. It is super child friendly and the staff go out of their way to be helpful, they even know Zoe by name!

What is/was your favourite baby brand for stuff like bottles, dummies etc. 

Our favorite baby brands for bottle and stuff. Is a toss up between Tommee Tippee and Medela.

If you had to tell a new mom to buy ONE toy for her child what would it be?

Zoe loves her Leap Frog Epic pad! Keeps her busy for hours and as far as tables go, it is very child friendly. Baby Violet Love her Tiny Love bouncer chair.Pretty Messy Mellon|HarassedMom

If your kids are of a TV watching age or if you allow TV time – what is there current favourite movie/show?

Zoe loves my little pony, Shaun the sheep and the Trolls movie.

What is your child’s favourite book? Zoe’s favorite book is The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson

Next week we feature Sam from Sam’s Communique, it is the second to last feature, I will be sharing my favourites for the last week of March 🙂

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