9 Things I Wish I Knew About Menopause

We talk about so much but we still don’t talk enough about certain things. Menopause being one of them. We all know it exists, we kind know what it means but women don’t really talk about what it is really like. It is so much more than just hot flushes and changes in periods. 

The women in my family all went through menopause early so even though I am only 45, I have been dealing with symptoms for a few years now. I have experienced the common symptoms like hot flushes and weight gain but there is so many more than I did not expect. 


What I Wish I Knew About Menopause

  1. The emotional changes are huge. I had no idea the emotional toil perimenopause/menopause would take on me. I have never suffered from anxiety until a few years ago. It was intense and all consuming at times. The brain fog and memory issues were definitely not expected. It can feel like you are going a little crazy sometimes!
  2. Your body takes on a life of its own. Weight gain is one thing but weight gain when you are eating right, exercising and sleeping enough is something else. It feels like sometimes my body and I are not even in the same library never mind the same page. 
  3. Find a health care practitioner who listens. I have a great homeopath who has listened to me and helped me navigate my symptoms and experiences. 
  4. You don’t need HRT’s the minute symptoms start. Up until now I have managed to avoid taking HRT and will try for as long as I can to avoid taking them. I understand and appreciate their place but I have not really needed them and have been able to manage symptoms with diet, exercise and natural remedies. If you don’t want to jump into HRT’s you don’t have to. 
  5. Your partner is impacted as well. Probably the biggest kept secret! Yes, your body as a woman is physically going through changes but these changes impact your partner as well. Sudden changes in libido, weight and emotions all affect your partner, who was also probably not prepared for what is happening. Don’t be scared to be honest and open with your partner, even if they can’t help, just understanding how you feel can make it easier for everyone. 
  6. You will start questioning everything. I understand now why men buy fast cars and get young girlfriends. There is a period where you will start questioning your life choices, where you are and where you are going. I felt a very strongly that “things” needed to change. Not in my relationship but more in my career. I felt incredibly stuck and like I needed to focus more on what was important to me. I am still dealing with these feelings, trying to figure out what my next steps are. 

7. Your periods won’t necessarily change. For many there are changes in their periods, but I haven’t experienced that. The frequency and intensity of my periods hasn’t changed (yet). 

8. You don’t want to go out. I am not the biggest social butterfly but we did have an active social life and then suddenly I just didn’t want to go out. This is pretty normal and is not because you are depressed or suddenly don’t like people, it is rather because you are going through a period of introspection and change. Don’t force yourself to go out, this feeling won’t last forever. I am slowly wanting to go out more and more now. 

9. It can be lonely. We still don’t talk much about this and so it can feel very lonely because you feel like you are the only one going through it. But when you start talking about it you realise that other women are also going through it but until then it can be lonely. 



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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this! I am only 37 (tomorrow) and don’t experience perimenopause as of yet. I am also pretty sure there’s no way to really be prepared for it except to know that it’s a thing and that you’re not alone and not going crazy.
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