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Minimal Waste Road Trip

This is a smug post. It is also a proud post though. I recently drove down to my folks in the Western Cape with 3 kids and our puppy and we managed a pretty minimal waste trip.

We are trying to seriously the sugar intake of the kids, it has a direct impact on the kids behaviour. There was no way I wanted kids on a sugar high on our road trip. When I was putting the snacks together I avoid sugar altogether. Yup you read right, we went on a long road trip with not one packet of sweets or chips. It is the first time I have done this and honestly don’t know what I haven’t done it before. Not only are sweets, chips and biscuits jam-packed with sugar they are also wrapped in masses of packaging.

So what did we take?

Blueberries. A week before we left the blueberries in Spar and Checkers were on special so we stocked up and froze them. We all love blueberries and when they start unfreezing they are like little balls of slushy deliciousness.

Biltong. I think Jack could live on biltong but it really is such a great snack. It is a great protein, mess free, easy to eat and comes in brown bags. I bought droe wors and sliced biltong in bulk before we left and split it up between us all, so everyone had their own little container of biltong.

Sugar free cookies. I had some flour I needed to finish before we left and about a cup of honey no one seemed to want to use. Last year I got this recipe from NutriMom they are sugar free using honey as the sweetener. I made a normal flour batch and a gluten free batch – they were AMAZING! I didn’t tell the kids they had honey in and they wolfed them down.

Water. We each have our own water bottle that we filled and refilled at each stop as we needed to. This meant we weren’t buying bottled water at each stop or other sugary drinks.

That was it. Seriously. That is all we took with in terms of snacks. No one complained or asked for anything more.

There were also a few other things I took with us to make sure we didn’t produce any unnecessary waste.

Everyone got their own travel mug so that we didn’t need take away cups. I got them these glass mugs from MrP Home

I packed our own sugar and teaspoons. We didn’t actually need it but I figured if we stopped for coffee, we could use our own sugar and spoons instead of getting little packets of sugar and plastic spoons.

While we did end up getting a take out breakfast on the second morning because of limited options in the middle of the Karoo, we still managed to keep our waste production to a minimal.

What are some of your low waste road trip snack ideas?


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