Why we need to stop saying breast is best.

Why we need to stop saying breast is best.|HarassedMom

I have been planning this blog post for ages. It is something I feel strongly about but it is one of those touchy subjects. The masses of “breast is best” messages this week have pushed me to finally share my thoughts. We need to stop saying breast is best. Let me explain before you start […]

The Women Behind The Springbok Rugby Players

The women behind the Springbok rugby players | HarassedMom

How many of you remember that iconic moment when Francois Pienaar and his team won the 1995 Rugby World Cup? Who knows of the Beast? How about Bryan Habana, know that name? I am pretty sure, even if you aren’t a rugby fan you know these names. You could probably recognise most of them as […]

I hated breastfeeding

Breastfeeding Week | HarassedMom

It is Breastfeeding week from the 1 August to the 7 August. All of my social media channels are filled with pictures of moms feeding their babies. It is really great and I love that so many moms are so comfortable breastfeeding their babies. I was never half as comfortable as the moms I see […]

A few apps, websites and more that you need to know about

This is a little bit of a round up post of websites, apps and more that are currently making my life easier! Sirkle – this is still in the launch phase but I think it is going to be super cool when it is fully launched and up and running. Basically what it does is […]

Love, marriage, kids and date night…stories from real moms

Hello February, the month of love! Relationships take on a new meaning when you have kids, especially in those early days. You have to get creative with your alone time and popping in to Checkers together qualifies as a date.  I have asked 4 moms to share their advice, tips and experience as dating with […]

Juggling THREE school going kids

School has been back for 2/3 weeks depending when your kids went back. I feel like it is taking me longer than the kids to adjust! Two things have changed this year – Jack is Grade One and Cameron’s swimming has moved location. Neither should be a big deal right? Well in isolation they wouldn’t […]

That time I missed my son’s first day of Grade 1

I am bad with dates. Like really properly bad. I read an email, immediately add it to my calendar on the wrong date. I am not sure what it is or why I do it, probably something to do with too much stuff in my head and not enough calm. So now when there is […]

Let’s talk about breakfasts before school.

Jack and Emma’s Pre-Primary school gave them breakfast each morning which meant I didn’t have to feed them before they left. With Jack starting grade 1 now I must make sure he eats before we take him to school. Fortunately, he is pretty much constantly hungry from the moment he wakes up, so it shouldn’t […]

Staycation vs Vacation!

This year we decided to stay at home for Christmas. The last time we stayed home was 5 years ago. This time Cameron and Kiara went on their own to my parents, the last time I spent Christmas without them was 9 years ago. Not seeing my family and not being all together was hard […]

Currently….The Holiday Edition

According to the advent calendar there are 3 more days until Christmas. I am pretty glad to say I am ready! Our Christmas meal is planned and everything I need has been bought. I have just wrapped all the gifts, well almost all of them, I still need 2 more. I did a big clean […]