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Skincare with Nunuki

I have been pretty lucky with all 4 kids when it comes to their skin. None of them have had any major skin issues like eczema but that doesn’t mean we have just used anything on their skins. With our move to living a more eco-friendly lifestyle I am always on the lookout for new skin care products that are kinder to the environment, free from harmful chemicals and are not tested on animals.

A box jam-packed full of Nunuki skin care and body products landed on my desk and Emma and I have been trying them out. While my 6 year doesn’t fully appreciate a good skin care regime yet, I am enjoying these products.

Nunuki is a small, local business that is run by mom of 2, Nana Lloyd, so when you buy from Nunuki, you support local, which is always important.

The range was developed in partnership with a panel of South African experts and a best-in-class pharmaceutical company. Nunuki® believes that fun is as important as science – so the creators have ensured that they manufactured the best quality skincare, with natural active ingredients even for the most sensitive skin. Each product has been dermatologically tested and approved. Should a child’s skin have an adverse reaction, they guarantee customers 100% of their money back. As a further stamp of approval,  Nunuki® has also received the CANSA Seal of Recognition for the entire range.

What I loved most about these products when I first read about them was that they use essential oils and while they are not organic, the main active ingredient in all the products, except the sunscreen is natural.

We use essential oils in our daily lives and not only do these oils smell amazing they have so many benefits. Different oils are used in each of the products and this has been done intentionally. For example jojoba oil is used in hair and body wash because of its moisturizing and conditioning qualities. Th bath and massage oil has lavender oil in for its calming properties. Lemongrass has been used in the bug cream to keep the bugs away and the avocado oil in the cream softens your skin.

Nana has also created a range of creatures to represent each product. Each little character has their own unique story and if have kids who don’t love to bath, then these cute little guys can help to make bath time fun. You can find out the story behind each character on the Nunuki website.

We are enjoying all the products in the range but these 3 are my favourite.

Elfie’s Cream. I will admit I am now using this cream on a daily basis. I keep it on my desk and every morning before school we all moisturize. It does have a fragrance but it is understated which is important to me. I don’t like creams that have an over powering fragrance. I apply a few squirts in the morning and it hydrates my skin all day long.

Nunu’s Bath & Massage Oil. This is so awesome for dry winter skin. I have been adding a few drops to both my bath and Emma’s and it has made a difference in her skin. Again the smell is not over powering but you definitely smell the lavender. David also rubbed a little bit of oil onto a bruise Emma had, I am not sure if it made much of a difference but the vitamin E and almond oil in the oil can’t harm it.

Maxis Pesky Bug Cream. I love the smell of lemongrass which is why this is my favourite product. It smells absolutely amazing!! My kids are forever getting bites, the mozzies love Emma and because they are always looking for bugs they often have little bites. Jack had one the other day and it was bugging him because it was so itchy, I applied some bug cream and we forgot it was there. Living in South Africa, a bug cream of some kind is an essential item in your first aid box and obviously one free from nasty chemicals is always a good idea. This cream smells so amazing, you can use it even if you don’t have a bug bite.

If you want to give these products a try, check out the winter specials they have running at the moment. They also have a Winter Pamper Hamper which includes some of the decadent Quinnies homemade fudge.

You will also be able to donate a Nunuki face shield to little ones going back to school. They are only R15 and will make a huge difference in the lives of a child.

This is definitely a brand that resonates with us and we love having Elfie, Lello, Maxi, Izy and Nunu in our home, they are definitely making a difference in our winter skin.

You can buy directly off their website and make sure you are following them on Facebook and Instagram.

Disclaimer: We were sent Nunuki products in exchange for our honest feedback.


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