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Not all cars are created equal

There was a time in my life where I assumed all cars were created equal. Yes some looked better than others but ultimately they were all the same. I was wrong. Very very wrong. I realised this for the first time when I attended the launch of the Ford Kuga a few years ago. It was love at first drive and I have had a car crush since then. 

When the awesome team at Ford contacted me and asked if I wanted to drive the new Kuga for a week. It was a no-brainer – OF COURSE I wanted to drive it!!!!! 

Spending a week with this car was amazing. No really you guys, this is not just a car! It is a thing of beauty. 

I am not going to get all technical and go into too much detail but these are my highlights of driving the 2.0 TDCi Titanium Powershift 6AT AWD.

  • It is silent. You do not hear a thing when this car drives, even on the highway when you go faster. 
  • SYNC – I can not fall more in love with Sync. You set your phone up and you never need to touch it while you are in the car. It even picked up some of my apps and allowed me to play the audio. Seriously is that not so cool?
  • On board navigation. Yes I have google maps but having a car that has this built in is just really cool. I did struggle a bit to figure out how to set the address but once you have it, it works well. 
  • Petrol consumption. It arrived with a full tank and left 7 days later empty. I did do 2 Joburg trips, one to Germiston (which feels like another country). I think it got over 500km to the tank which is a little more than the bus. 
  • The space. This car is too small for my family but it is spacious for families of 4 (or even 5 if you have no car seats). The boot is a lot bigger than I assumed which was nice.
  • Automatic boot. This feature should be mandatory in family cars. How many times do unpack the boot and then need to try struggle to close it? Or maybe it’s just me but this feature comes in really handy.

I will admit that this car is not the cheapest but the Ecoboost options are pretty competitive and honestly for what you get I think it is definitely worth it but I am biased because this car has my heart!

What car has your heart? Or are cars still just cars to you?

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  1. 6 December, 2017 / 12:43 am

    What a cool car. Mine is the 2017 Toyota Corolla XLE. It is sporty and has plenty of space for a baby car seat.


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