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Our HAPPY Holiday Moments

Happy Moments

Holidays aren’t officially over but we are down to the last 2 days and looking back it has been such a good holiday for us all.

There have been some really happy moments over the last three weeks but for me, the happiest of moments have been that we have such supportive family who have all helped to make memories for all four of the children that will last a lifetime. We have two sets of grandparents who are willing to spend the holidays with the kids which resulted in Jack and Kiara spending 2 weeks in Montagu with my parents and Emma spent a few days with Davids mom in Ballito. All of this, plus the fact that my Durban family did not hesitate to host us, allowed Cameron and I to spend a week in Durban at a gala.

Some of the more memorable moments have been…

Getting regular updates from my mom on how well the kids are eating. Both Kiara and Jack are picky eaters but they have found their appetite and haven’t stopped eating. Not sure if it is the mountain are, my moms comfort food or that it is such a relaxed environment.

Happy Moments

Seeing Kiara so happy when we Skype chat with her. Being with my mom is her happy place. She loves being there, she can forget about the every day things she worries about. It is, I think, where she feels safest.

Watching Cameron swim. This was a tough gala for Cameron, it was the first gala he wasn’t swimming against his peers but watching him over come disappointment and still go on cut seconds off every single one of his times.

Happy Moments

Hearing Emma slept through. This has carried on. I think the time alone at David’s moms house without distraction from the other kids helped us to get over her less than ideal sleeping patterns.

Happy Moments

Some unexpected down time. I had some connectivity issues in Durban and eventually by Wednesday evening I stopped stressing about it and embraced my lack of connection to the outside world. I did manage to survive, it did take me a few days to catch up but still, I survived.

It has been one of our calmer holidays but I know that all of the kids have had a good time and we will all start the third term recharged with happy thoughts and lots of love from our family.

How has your holiday been?

All of these photos were taken by the respective grannies!


  1. 16 July, 2015 / 9:00 pm

    When I read what you wrote about Kiara, I got all teary – I love that your mom is her happy place ๐Ÿ™‚
    Marcia (123 blog) recently posted…Connor at 6My Profile

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