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30 Days of Positivity

Can you even handle that tomorrow is the 1st of September!

How the heck did that happen. One minute it was March and we were banished to our rooms and the next minute it is September and we are all planning to travel with this new found freedom we suddenly have to travel.

The year has certainly taken us on a ride we will never forget but I am glad it is coming to an end.I am positive that the new year will be less eventful, even if it does still see the face mask as the latest fashion trend.

Spring is always such a lovely season. The days or gorgeous and everything looks so bright and shiny after the gloom of winter. To celebrate this we have decided to embark on a 30 day positivity challenge.

Candice (from Lexis Lunch and my partner at Moms Artelier) and I put our heads together and came up with 30 prompts to help you and your family shift the focus from the stress and chaos of life in the times of Corona to calm and positivity. The aim of this challenge is to help you focus on doing one positive thing every day. When you focus on being positive and doing something you love it will make a difference on how your day goes. Trust us on this. Both Candice have done a lot of work on changing our mindset .

You can download a copy of the calendar simply by clicking on this link

If you are going to take part, share what you and your family get up to with us on Instagram using #30daysofpositivity. Make sure you are following Lexis Lunch, Moms Artelier and Harassedmom.


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