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Comfortable Maternity Wear

I am very glad that social media hadn’t arrived when I had Cameron, almost 20 years ago because the world at large is better off not having seen me in the early 2000’s maternity wear! Thankfully by the time I had Emma, fashion designers had realised that maternity dresses don’t have to be tents, they can be elegant and stylish.

For some woman they only need proper maternity wear towards the end of their pregnancy while for others (like me) the day they get that positive test is the day they need to get those stretchy leggings.

Regardless of when you buy your maternity wear or why, we all want to feel good, especially when we are pregnant.

A lot of maternity clothes today can be worn after you have had your baby – because we all know that your body doesn’t “bounce back” immediately and having breastfeeding friendly clothes does make life so much easier.

Tips for Finding the Perfect Maternity Clothes

  1. Don’t hide your bump. Maternity clothes shouldn’t be about hiding your bump but rather about accentuating your growing belly. Don’t buy maternity clothes that are a few sizes to big, stick to clothes that fit you comfortably.
  2. Embrace stripes and colour. Bold, bright and colourful is always a good idea – even when you are pregnant. A top with simple stripes will highlight your new curves and bright bold colours can make you feel more confident with your changing body.
  3. Layers are your friend. Nothing changes as fast as a pregnant lady’s temperature making layers your friend. Opt for a few basic items that you can layer and take off (or add on) when you need to.
  4. Look for breathable fabric. Avoid synthetic materials because they can cause you to overheat. Focus on breathable fabrics that will help to keep you cool.
  5. Stretchy clothes are best. When you are pregnant your body changes quicker than you realise, invest in clothes that will allow for these changes easily.

7 Pregnancy Must-Haves

Maternity Tops

When you are pregnant – comfort is king! This Cross Back Long Sleeve top is not only comfortable but also looks awesome with leggings or maternity jeans.

Having a few comfort tees is a must have, these long sleeve tops are great and they come in a range of different colours – it might be worthwhile to get one of each colour. These shirts are great for layering, especially now as winter approaches.

Maternity Pants

Pregnancy doesn’t mean you have to throw your jeans out! These jeans are fitting but have an elasticated waist, so they can be worn comfortably during your pregnancy.

A good pair of black pants is another wardrobe essential when you are pregnant. Even if you are still working from home, sometimes you do want to get a little dressed up and a smart pair of black pants are just the thing. You can pull these pants on and while they are tight over the thighs, they are still super comfortable.

Lazy weekends and chill time need harem pants! The elasticated waist of these harem pants are pregnancy must haves! They have room and support for your growing belly! And they come in 3 different colours, so you can have a different pair every day of the week.

Maternity Dresses

No pregnancy is complete without a baby doll dress – this dress looks a million times better than the ones I had. Add sneakers for a casual look or a pair of heels for a more formal look.

Dresses are the best when you are pregnant – they aren’t restrictive and can look so pretty. The front tie on this dress allows you to celebrate your belly while still looking stylish. You can accessorise this dress to make it look casual or formal, depending on where you want to wear it.

Your body will go through a range of changes when you are pregnant, embrace these changes and pick a few outfits that make you look and feel amazing.


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