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Easy Makeover with Wall Art

This is the year my house gets a makeover! We have been living here for 10 years and there has always been something else that has taken our attention – babies, weddings, school, new businesses. This means that our home looks a little sad and being “stuck” here during the pandemic has meant we notice just how sad it is looking. So I have decided to make it a priority this year to give our living areas and the kids bedrooms a complete makeover. But because the budget is tight we have to get creative and what easier way to give a room some character than with wall art, right?

Art is also something that is front and center in our home, especially this year. Kiara is in her final year of school and Visual Arts is her main subject which means she is always drawing or painting something. Jack has also really started the year with a big focus on improving his drawing. We have the kids’ artwork stuck up all over and while I love that, I do want to formalise the art we have a little more. 

We do have a few pictures up but they are from when David and I moved in together 10 years ago so really need to be replaced with something fresh, new and bright. That said, we are really focused this year on being intentional about the things we bring into our home. Whatever art I do bring in, it has to be of images that really bring us all joy. 

Fine Art America has the coolest range of prints and posters that have all been designed by artists. Their collection is extensive and you will get lost looking for the perfect print for your space. 

I have spent the last few days searching for the right prints for our home, these are a few of my favourites. 

Funky wall art for a homeschool space

I absolutely love these positivity posters. They are like daily words of affirmation that are perfect for your learning space. 

I love the colours of this one as well.

World maps are also so stunning to have in a homeschool space and I am so in love with this one. Wouldn’t it just look so incredibly stunning on the wall?

We are all huge superhero fans so I think these would also look perfect in the space. Wonder Women for Jack and Superman for Emma. 

Animal Canvas Wall Art for the Living Room

I love animals and really want to feature them more in our living room. Elephants are my absolute favourite animal and these prints are simple perfection. 

I also really like this Joburg skyline canvas – the colours make me super happy. 

I stumbled across this abstract collection and they really spoke to me – not sure my family would get on board but how stunning are they all?

Fun Posters for Kids Rooms

Trying to find something that works for both Kiara and Emma can be tricky because of their large age difference. But they both absolutely loved these fairy posts. They have such a whimsical feel to them don’t they? 

Jack is quite specific about what goes into his room now that he has the room to himself but these space posters will look absolutely amazing in his room.

Redecorating can seem daunting but a fresh coat of paint, a few stunning, bold prints and canvases can make a huge difference to the space you are wanting to make over. These are just a few of the prints I liked – there are loads more. I can’t wait to paint the walls and give each room a character and story of its own. 

If you are looking for wall art inspiration, check out some of these collections. You will definitely get some ideas on how to breathe life back into your home. 


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