Growing up we had lots of family traditions, there was Sunday lunch made by my Gran, birthday cakes baked by my mom every single year, homemade Christmas cookies and many more. Traditions are so important, not just the cultural ones but the ones that are created especially for your family.

  1. A sense of belonging. It doesn’t matter how small the traditions are, they provide everyone with a sense of belonging. We used to spend Christmas Day every year with my cousins. We had the best fun, we would swim all day, eat, have too many chocolates, they were my family, a place where we belonged. We spend Sundays taking the dog for a walk in the park, it is a small thing we do as a family but it has become a little tradition in our family.
  2. Create memories. I have wonderful memories of making Easter Eggs with my mom during the Easter Holidays and baking cookies for Christmas. Every year at Christmas my mom would wake up early and put the Christmas lights on, once they were on we would know Santa had been, I loved this tradition and have continued it with my children. We are creating great family memories for them that I hope they will cherish for ever.
  3. Something to look forward too. Kiara spends the July holidays with my parents, she looks forward to this and starts her count down the minute the New Year starts. We take the kids to Spur when one of them have a birthday, they all look forward to it and remind us as their birthday approaches that we have to go to Spur.
  4. Strengthen family bonds. Traditions are perfect for family bonding, not only with your immediate family but also with your extended family. Often families come together at Christmas, offering the ideal opportunity to catch up with everyone, find out what is going on with everyone. Spending time together also allows a chance for communication, during our walks we get to talk to the kids in a relaxed environment and they often open up more and share things that get left out of our daily discussions.
  5. They are fun! Family traditions can be lots of fun. We spend the December holidays with family, the children have the most fun. They spend long days swimming, playing and exploring. Every night David reads Jack a story he has made up, from the laughter that comes from the room I think it is the funniest part of Jacks day.

Traditions are so important for your family, whether they are ones you have continued from your childhood or ones you have created for your family.

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  1. Family traditions end up feeling like the norm and you sometimes forget that not everyone does things the same way. I found this out when me and my fiance spent our first Xmas together as our families did the big day quite differently x

  2. Traditions are so important. Not only do they create cherished memories but also a sense of identity to be passed down. I think it’s instrumental for young ones especially.

  3. Traditions are so very important. I still carry on some that my grandparents and mom did, and some new ones we’ve created along the years.

  4. I swear I need traditions to just have something to look forward to each week. We do every other friday movie nights at home, pop corn, face masks, watch a movie – and I find myself getting through friday thinking about how great it will be to relax with the kids. It’s so important

  5. I love this post! My mother in law is all about buying everything! My husbands birthday just passed and I told her I was baking my husband a cake… trying to get her to save her money… but she went and got a cake form the bakery anyway! It is so different from what I am used to as my mom. also always baked out cakes and homemade is sooooo much better!

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