Hey hey its OVER!

My exams are OVER! Done! Completed! Written!

What a super fantastic awesome feeling! We survived – me, my kids and parents. We made it 🙂 I am very proud of us all. Its the first exams I have written in 9 years. Its the first time my kids have had to deal with it. And we did ok!

Have to mention a few things though that helped me get through the past month!

Coloured Pens – love them. They make my life bright and happy.

Herbal tea – kept me hydrated (and calm)

The Bay – it really speaks for itself

Jonathan – for taking me to watch movies! The distraction was really welcomed!

Sweets – for keeping me energised.

Body Thrills – bath time over study weekends was break time. It was time to relax and unwind. Nothing better than doing it with my collection of body thrillsimg_1338

Mr Roses – for our conversations. Conversations about random stuff but conversations that made me laugh.

Music – especially Harris Tweed, Henry Ate and Alanis Morissette. They block out the sounds of kids and booking tvs perfectly.

My bed -due to the fact that it is mid winter here – THIS is where I have spent my days! img_1335

And of course my friends! who beleive in me! Seriously I think you guys would beleive I could climb Everest tomorrow if I asked you 🙂 But it means alot to me that you have such faith in me. Thank you!

Now life can return to normal for a few weeks until assignments start again!

Today I am at maintenance court – hopefully getting final closure on that drama!



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  1. Well done Laura!!!
    You’ve worked hard and we all know its going to pay off with great results! *hugs*

    Best of luck at court today, thinking of you!

    PS Want company going up Everest?? I’m with you my friend!

  2. Brilliant. We all need to be able to mark off little successes- life doesn’t stop, so it’s good to have milestones. All the best for today- can only imagine that that is an emotional wringer.
    Enjoy a (small) breathing space.

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