I was kicked out of ballet


When I was a little girl my mother sent me to ballet – as most mothers do.

I have a picture of me dressed up in a green bird costume. I am the last little girl in the line and also about twice the size of the rest of the little princesses.

It was my last appearance as Laura the Ballerina. Shortly after that the teacher suggested I try wrestling netball instead. It did scar me terrible – what little girl doesn’t want to dance the lead in the Nutcracker?

In all seriousness though I didn’t. I don’t remember enjoying it a whole lot. But I do remember watching ballet and admiring the elegance and agility of the dancers. Still now I love watching dancing. I almost live vigariously through dancers. It is such a beautiful thing to watch.

Whats the point? The point is the Cape Town City Ballet is in trouble. They need money. Lots of money otherwise they will have to close their doors.

As we do here in blog land when there is a need we address it and try where we can to help. And so we are trying to raise money – lots of money so that they can continue to dance.

What can you do? Its simple really. If you have a blog then use it to promote awareness about this – go here and get more details.

While your blog is your personal space it is also a platform where you can help, do good and change lives.

If you would like to donate you can do so into this account

Branch code: 123 209
Account no: 123 200 8842
Reference: Name + Reference Number

Use LA1 as your reference number please!



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  1. My partner is involved with supporting ballet called Poetry in Motion – and he was just lamenting the fact that they could not sell tickets to support the ballet, and were having to give them away. Which is obviously at a huge loss to them – who are corporate supporters, but also makes it less likely they can support this sort of initiative again.

    I’m still getting my daughter ballet kit this weekend – she did it last term and loved it. Now its all about the leotard and tights!

    Long live ballet – I am just not sure how.

  2. I don’t love ballet. I went to the ballet at the theatre recently and was bored. I know.. I suck.

    Btw – I was asked to leave computer lessons because I had no gifts according to them. They suck… I clearly do.

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