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Life Lately : An Update

It has been a while since I have done one of these posts but life has been a lot lately. Last year was tough but this year feels tougher. It feels almost relentless in its drama.

Instead of going down the rabbit hole of negativity as one does during a worldwide pandemic – let’s talk about some of the exciting, interesting and mundane things happening in our lives.

Cameron is home for a few weeks. His classes are still all online so really it doesn’t matter where in the world he actually is.

I started a veggie garden and the veggies are actually growing. 

Kiara was accepted to study at the Animation School next year. 

I have found the perfect recipe for dishwasher tablets – you can find it here. It is super cheap to make and they work like a bomb.

The #asshole dog broke my glasses again so I am back to contacts and reading glasses for the foreseeable future. 

Jack got a budgie for his birthday. His name is Jasper and he is as talkative as Jack is. (I have made peace with the fact I will never have a quiet home). 

We started watching a season of Survivor a few months ago and before we knew it we had, as a family, worked our way through 6 seasons. We have now moved onto Master Chef and we are all so invested!

I am loving winter. I am perimenopausal or something but summer plus hot flushes was hard (and hot). The respite from the heat is so welcome.

We really have found our groove with school this year and it is going so well with all 3 kids. Kiara has just finished her first set of exams and she is working on getting her Art and EGD PAT’s done.

What is happening in your life at the moment?


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