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Life Lately – An(other) Update

What a 6 weeks it has been!

It feels like I checked out of reality for 6 weeks and now have to learn how to readjust to life.

Our neighbours had COVID over a month ago, which meant we had to isolate because my kids basically live there.

Even though we home-school so are at home throughout the day, it sucked. The kids couldn’t do their extra muruals and they couldn’t play with the neighbours – any of them because we all had to isolate. David had to work from home which meant we had to be quieter and calmer than normal.

Then we were out of that for about 10 days when I got sick (very unexpectedly) which meant we had to all quarantine again.

This time was also not pleasant because I was sick, and David was trying to juggle the kids and meetings. The kids were, by now, completely, and utterly overly being inside this house. Because David still had work as usual the kids spent too much time playing video games and watching TV. It was what it was.

Disclaimer: I am well aware that isolating is never fun for anyone, especially when you are actually sick.

Fortunately, we managed to get through the 10 days with no one else getting sick and I bounced back pretty quickly. I think I had 4/5 really sick days but once the fever broke, I felt so much better.

What all this meant is that we have not had our proper routine for 6 weeks. We ALL function on our daily routine. It helps me to juggle the stuff I have to, and it gives the kids a sense of calm. It meant I was behind with work – fortunately I have an amazing team and some incredibly clients who gave me the time I needed to recover. But it still took me about 2 weeks to catch up properly because while I didn’t feel sick anymore, the COVID tiredness is something else!

While all of this was happening, Cameron was here for this mid-year break but because I got sick, him and Gemma were exposed so they ended up isolating at Gemma’s mom’s house. When we were out of isolation they spent some time with us – which was awesome – but it meant that we had 8 people in the house instead of the usual 6 – which doesn’t seem like a lot of extra people, but our home isn’t particularly big. Despite the chaos we managed to have fun and spend some time together and it was nice having him.

This Monday, finally, saw a return to normal routine. Dancing and karate started back in studio. Our art teacher who also ended up getting COVID is now out of isolation and glasses return tomorrow. Jack is back at drama; Niki is back at school, and we have started school again.

I have never been more grateful for our busy routine than I am right now. It is the one thing that helps to anchor us when everything still feels so uncertain.

What’s happening in your life that is helping you to keep grounded?


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