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Love is in the mundane

We are taught that love is proved with grand gestures. Rapunzel was rescued. Snow White was bought back to life. Romeo killed himself. Leonard dedicated years to wooing Penny. Every love story we are told has grand gestures of love. These stories of love go on to imply that for relationships to be successful they need to be fulled with excitement, passion and spontaneity,

But I think love is the mundane. The every day. The small, boring moments that weave together to make our story. 

The beginning of a relationship (just like anything new) is exciting. It is fulled with big moments and excitement. It is fulled with dates and flowers and remembered anniversaries. Those moments are amazing. They are special and they are memorable and they are important. 

But they don’t always last and I don’t think they need to. 

A few days ago David was getting the kids and the dog in the car to go on their daily walk. It was a mundane activity and something he does almost every day. As I drove in and watched them, I felt the love.It was a moment of complete contentment. 

I think that it is in those small moments that I feel the most love. 


It is in the  every day things that you do together or for one another that don’t really seem like a big deal but when you put them all together they create a beautiful mundane love story. 

You know those moments.

Getting a cup of coffee without even asking for it. 

Working in the garden together.

Hanging up washing. 

Fetching kids together (and calling it a date).

Watching 6 episodes of a show you don’t like, but they do. 

Sharing silly memes with each other. 

Discussing the next 10 years while you both rush to get ready for the day (and then high five yourselves at how well you have life sorted). 

These moments are the mundane. They are the every day and they are everything.

They mean more than the grand gestures and loud, public declarations of love. They mean that even when life gets boring and monotonous, they will still be there for you. 

They are the moments I live for.

They are the moments where love is found.


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