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The unrelenting sibling fighting

I am not sure if this is unique to our kids but it takes them a while at the end of the year to adjust to being on holiday. During the school term they are seldom all in the house at the same time. Having them in the house together creates a challenging dynamic and this year has been particularly challenging.  The have all been fighting non-stop since Saturday.

There is also no specific times, so its not at the end of the day when they are tired, it basically starts the minute they open their eyes.

Jack is usually the first one up so he will put the TV on. Emma will wake up, come downstairs and not even look what’s on, she will instantly YELL “I don’t want to watch that.” Obviously this negative greeting deeply offends Jack and he has to yell back something about never changing it. 

Eventually they reach a compromise but neither want to actually watch it, so I am left listening to PJ Mask or Tom the Cat or something equally annoying.

Meal times are not immune – if one person gets 1 gram more than the ot

her all hell breaks lose. 


When the teens wake up and join the mix, it gets even better. 

Emma wants whatever Kiara has.

Cameron can’t help but tease Jack and he keeps telling Emma she eats poo. Yes, we are still all about poop and burps.

Craft time is when the knives come out (maybe literally). If Emma has a blue pen, koki, pencil then Jack can not continue with his life without THAT blue. He can have ever other colour under the sun but he wants THAT one.Emma will switch to pink but will not allow Jack the use of that blue. 

We have had a few scenes straight out of Lord of the Flies. Toys have been thrown. Doors have been slammed. Kids have been scratched, hit, kicked and shoes thrown in the pool.

The elf arrived with a note putting them all on the naughty list, the elf then disappeared for a solid 18 hours. 

Obviously we discipline them. We separate them, we switch the TV off, we shout, we punish them, we don’t do things we promised. 

At the moment they are just clearly working through their wiggles or something. 

I am hoping they ease into the space we have soon otherwise David and I may leave them here and to the cape on our own!!!

Tell me it’s not just my kids?

Also, unrelated, but important, I am running a time management challenge in January to help everyone start the year right! Join the journey by signing up here. 




  1. 5 December, 2018 / 4:44 am

    It is certainly not just your kids. My little ones are one 2 and 1 and they already have sibling fights! They do hug it out right after but is still so stressful sometimes.

    • Laura-Kim
      7 December, 2018 / 10:43 am

      Yes they are best buds minutes later but the fighting can be so stressful (and annoying)

  2. deborah
    6 December, 2018 / 12:23 pm

    Definitely not alone! doesn’t even take 5 minutes and my two can go from best of friends to not wanting to look at each other. Ive tried the that’s the only sibling u gonna have approach but that doesn’t work. regarding the colour pens and pencils they can both have the exact same colour but one will insist the blue that their borther/sister has colours better then the blue that they are holding

    • Laura-Kim
      7 December, 2018 / 10:40 am

      EXACTLY!!! So frustrating. I make sure the stuff is all exactly the same but there are STILL issues

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