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ZOOM IN: Morning vibes

Our afternoons are as chaotic as our mornings are smooth, calm (mostly) and organised. We had to be a little bit more organised in the mornings because Cameron’s bus leaves at 6h30 and if he misses the bus then its a LOOOOOOONG drive to his school in some revolting traffic. I have done it once and it was enough to put me off for life! 

Zoom In Morning School Routine|HarassedMom

We have always been early risers which I think does help to make the mornings run a little better. David runs from 5h00 – 6h00 most mornings, so he is up before 5h00. Jack is awake by 5h30 but Emma likes to sleep a little later so we generally leave her as long as we can. Cameron and Kiara wake up on their own, also before 5h30.

Jack takes some cajoling but generally by 6h00 he is dressed. I pack his lunch and make him breakfast,  and Emma if she wants to eat.

By 6h20 the latest all 3 older kids are in the car and ready to go! Cameron gets dropped first, then Kiara and finally Jack.

Emma’s school is up the road so David and I walk with her every morning. By 7h20 we are back home, everyone dropped off where they need to be!

Obviously some mornings are complete chaos, like the morning we lost Jack’s only pair of school pants inside our own home. Or when Emma wants a pair of pants that do not exist but she is adamant that they do. There was also a morning we had to forcefully carry Jack to the car while he was screaming.

But those mornings are few and far between.

What do your mornings look like?

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  1. 20 June, 2018 / 5:35 pm

    For now it is me battling to wake up at 6:30am as I am Still slightly jet lagged and only sleep around 3am every single day! Race to get ready and drop off the girl child in school before 7:45am . Thankfully we rarely have meltdowns over Clothes we pick out the night before and breakfast is 99.99999% of the time a glass of warm milk so two less things to
    Fight about


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