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{Party Planning} Activities

Party Planning|HarassedMomChildren are pretty easily entertained. They don’t need much to keep them busy but you do need to have a plan of action for a party to keep them entertained when you are doing your party planning.

It doesn’t have to be a formal program of events/games it could simply be a jumping castle or a water slide. The smaller children really don’t need much more than that but the older kids may need something a little more.

There are so many options that you can do that will suit any budget.

Party games – these are quick, easy and cheap to organise. Things like pass-the-parcel, musical chairs, pin the tail on the donkey etc. They are suitable for all ages and are loads of fun.

Outsource – you could outsource the whole party and get someone else to entertain the children. These include pamper parties, craft parties, science parties, baking parties etc. These work well with older children.

Pool party – a pool party is a great idea for a summer party in South Africa. The kids will keep themselves entertained for hours swimming.

Venue activities – a lot of venues include activities like pony or tractor rides or they will even have face painters, clowns etc on site who will keep the kids entertained.

Regardless of what activities you decide on it is important to have an idea of the sequence of events for the day to make sure that it flows and everyone knows what they are doing and no one misses out on anything. Be flexible though with this. The children may prefer to jump on the jumping castle to playing musical chairs – leave them, it will be easier for everyone if they are not forced to do something they aren’t keen on.

If you hire an external person/people make sure you confirm with them two days before the party and that you know how long they will be keeping the children occupied for.

JoziKids has a list of entertainers that you can use for your party.


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