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{Party Planning} Choosing a Venue

Party Planning|HarassedMomDeciding on where to have the party can also be a rather time consuming task. If you have a big enough garden then having it at home is the easier and cheaper option but it is not always possible, even if you do have the space.

The biggest advantage of using a venue over your own home is that there is no cleaning up afterwards and most venues do include things like tea/coffee, some decor – so you have to do less than you would if you hosted it at home. But obviously this does come with a cost.

There are party venues on nearly every street corner all promising you the best party for your child but like with anything, there are party venues and then there are party venues. Before you start looking for a venue you need to first have a plan. This includes

  • Deciding on how many children will be attending – some venues only cater for small groups.
  • Deciding on how many (if any) adults will be attending.
  • The theme of the party – ie animals, pamper party or paint ball – this will also determine what venues will be suitable.
  • The age of the children attending – it is important to make sure that all the kids will have something to do if there is a age difference in kids coming.
  • What catering you want – do you want to be able to provide food or should the venue provide it?
  • Your budget.

Once you have figured this out you will probably be able to narrow the list of venues down to a more manageable list. It is very important to visit the venue before booking and not reply solely on their website.

When booking a venue make sure to check the following.

  • Booking times – the busier venues schedule more than one party a day so make sure you know your start and end times.
  • What is included in the price. You don’t want surprises on the day.
  • What you are allowed to bring in and what you can’t.
  • Is there a back up plan if it rains or gets very cold on the day.

On the day of the party get to the venue at least 30 minutes before the time the party starts to make sure that it has been set up correctly and that everything is there that you expected.

If you are in Gauteng or the North West then Jozi Kids have an extensive list of party venues.


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