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Date Night Vibes at Churchills in Melrose

When last did you and your partner go on a date night?

I see some of you rolling your eyes at me and wondering where you are supposed to find the time (and money) for such luxuries. I hear you. I really do. David and I don’t have much support in terms of child care here so going out in the evenings is challenging but we do know how important it is to make time here and there, so we often meet during the day for a cup of coffee or even lunch.

But there is something a little extra special about a proper date night. The kind you get all dressed up for and get in baby sitters and order wine and attempt to talk about grown up things.

Thanks to an invite from Churchills, David and I were forced to make the time to leave the kids at home and get out and be grownups who are more than parents.

The Churchills website and Facebook page don’t give a whole lot away in terms of the vibe you can expect but when we arrived it was the perfect date night spot. Being a weeknight (yes, we did a school night date night) it wasn’t too busy which was actually really nice.

The décor is stunning, dark wood, regal and very fancy. There intimate booths and tables as well as seats around the bar. The booths are perfect if you are on a date or with a small group of people celebrating something.

There was a bottle of champagne chilling on the table when we arrived which was such a nice welcome. It was a great bottle as well, not too sweet but also not too dry so it was ideal for both David and me.

The menu is small but has enough to cater for pretty much any appetite. There are some snack type platters which appeals to me a lot. I almost prefer a meal where there are lots of different things to choose from than just one thing.

We had a cold meat platter than included two aubergine dishes that were sublime. I love aubergine, but David isn’t a fan, but he was fighting me for these two. I can say in all honesty this is one of two reasons I would go back to Churchills. The platter was more than enough for both of us and both of us like to eat.

There are two dessert items on the menu a Lindt Chocolate mousse and Eton Mess. Both were only R49 and we couldn’t not try them both. This is the second reason I would go back to Churchills. The Lindt Chocolate mousse was perfection in a glass. It was heavenly. I didn’t want it to end. It tasted like grated Lindt chocolate in a glass. It was SO good.

Being a coffee lover, I had to end the meal off with some coffee. The coffee itself was ok but the mug it arrived in was the best. I am a sucker for these types of things.

They host various events at the restaurant like Whisky and Wine tastings and happy hour and a whole lot more. You can view all of the events happening on their website. It is also a cool venue for a bachelorette party or a big birthday celebration.

You can also follow them on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Disclaimer: I was not paid for this review but our meal was sponsored in exchange for an honest review of the restaurant.


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