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How KidTech can protect YOUR child.

We have been testing out the KidTech product over the last few weeks and I am so impressed with it so far. Cameron has been using a phone and the internet long enough now for me to feel comfortable with how he conducts himself and he is also open enough for me to feel I don’t need to check up on him daily. That said though, the features this phone comes with really do give peace of mind.

SO what are the features already!

You can block apps and websites. The phone comes set up forbidding adult content, violence, gambling and warning about social media sites. So what this means is that when your child tries to access something you have forbidden they will not be able to AND you will receive a notification. If you have marked a category of apps/websites as “warn” then your child will still be able to access the site but you will receive a notification and you can then decide whether or not to allow the child to have access.

This feature is great if your child is starting out on the internet and perhaps spells a word wrong or clicks on click bait and is taken to inappropriate content. Cameron was searching song lyrics that had a couple of swear words in, so I got a few notifications about that.  

Protect your child from cyber-bullying & sexually-inappropriate behaviour. This is a big one for me. I have had chats with teachers and the KidTech team, all of them talk about the devastating effects cyber bullying has on children, especially teens. The reporting and monitoring on the apps with this phone help you to monitor this. By not allowing access or at least monitored access to social media apps you are able to have some control over their online activity. Both Cameron and Kiara have received messages from unknown numbers and had friend requests from people none of us have known. 

Receive alerts when concerning WhatsApp or Facebook messages are sent or received. You are able to set up alerts for certain words used in their messages. It then sends you the message before and after for some context. So for example, the one we have flags the word “high” but when it notifies us, we can see the context of the word. I know there could be privacy issues here which is why I am going to write a whole separate post on privacy.

You can control when the phone is used. You are able to limit the amount of time your child spends on their phone.If your child is using their phone during school when they shouldn’t be or after bed time you can limit this and remove their access. 

Movements of your child can be monitored. This is my favourite one to receive notifications for. They say “your childs phone has left the allowed area” or “your child’s phone has been detected in the allowed area”. This is a great feature if your child is collected by a third party or is out with friends. You can set the allowed area to whatever you want it to be and you can set the times depending on where they will be and when. 

Cameron doesn’t love that he is being so closely watched at the moment and I will probably relax some of the settings but as a mother, this whole product offering speaks to me on so many levels. I am not a helicopter parent and don’t think I over parent my kids but this phone allows me the opportunity to keep an eye on my children without being too in their face. 

The monthly subscription is super affordable and so far we haven’t had to top up the data amount each month. I am a newly converted Huawei fan so getting a Huawei phone with the contract is a huge bonus and Cameron (a previous Apple die hard) is really enjoying the phone as well. 

I have said it before but if you are considering a phone for your child then visit KidTech and sign up for this one. 

Disclaimer: I was not paid for this post but we did receive the phone to review. 

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  1. 13 March, 2018 / 10:21 pm

    Thanks for this. Very informative. I love the “allowed area” setting, even though I’m sure the teens don’t!


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