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Pips and Moo have a collection of sustainable, wooden kids toys, decor and furniture.
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Pips and Moo Sustainable Toys

Kids toys and I have a love/hate relationship. I know my kids need them but I really hate the piles of plastic toys that accumulate in our home. Most of them end up either breaking or being donated.

As we added more kids and had less space, I really became pretty intentional about what toys and accessories we added and it has become increasingly important to me that they be sustainable and plastic free as far as possible. Add to the many kids, we also homeschool so we have more stuff creeping into our home! If I take my eye off the ball, we could end up drowning in things!

When we do add things to our home, they need to have a purpose, be sustainable and affordable.

Pips and Moo have a range of products that meet all those requirements. Their range of wooden toys, furniture and decor are both affordable and sustainable.

Emma is a kinaesthetic learner which means she needs to move – she bounces on a yoga ball, does cartwheels between maths sums, jumps on a trampoline. The more she moves the better she feels and the calmer she is, so we do what we can to make it easy for her to move.

Core strength is pretty important for kids, and it is something we have had to work on with both my girls. A balance board is perfect for Emma, it combines her need to move with core strengthening. It also helps to develop spatial awareness, improves balance and gross motor skills.

The Pips and Moo Balance board is compact, which allows her to move it around with her all over the house. She watches TV on it, does school work on it, takes it next door to our neighbours and balances while she is there.

The board and the beautiful box it comes in are both made from wood, making it sustainable and plastic-free. Because it is wooden, it will last well and can be easily donated when Emma is finished with it.

Teaching Jack and Emma how to tell the time has been one of our biggest challenges. I am not sure why. Jack eventually did get it late last year but Emma is still struggling. I have tried to teach it in a variety of different ways. David has also tried but it was just not landing where we needed it to.

Enter the Learning Clock and we are getting a lot closer to success. The clock is pretty big, Emma can see and touch the numbers and the hands which I think are making it easier for her to grasp the concept on an analog clock. She gets the concept of time – seconds, minutes, hours and can identify 3 o’clock, 10 o’clock etc but struggles with the past/to concepts.

This clock is made from wood and  also comes in a gorgeous wooden box.

Whether you homeschool or not, this is such a great tool to use to introduce the concept of time.

If you are looking for a sustainable range of toys and décor, then check out Pips and Moo.


The Pips and Moo Experience

Pips and Moo is an online store where you can purchase their entire range. 

The site is easy to navigate with clear images and dimensions of each product, making it easy to decide exactly what products you want to go where. 

Ordering is super simple and I received regular updates on the status of my parcel which is always a win for me. 



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