Are you for real with these deals?

Over the last 2 years I have really upped my online shopping game. Why drive around from shop to shop looking for stuff when you can browse For Real Deals and find pretty much anything you need and get it delivered straight to your door. And let’s be honest, with the price of petrol if I don’t have to drive anywhere I am happy!

From kitchenware to toys to gadgets to pet treats, they have pretty much everything you need on For Real Deals. You can create a wish list of all the things you want or get a head start on your Christmas shopping (yup I said it) or just get some new furniture for your home – all from the comfort of your desk (or couch, or even your bed).

It has been about 6 months since we went from 4 kids in the house to 2 and in many ways, we are still adjusting. Emma in particular really struggled – for most of the last year she shared who room with Kiara and Niki and then she suddenly had her own (big and quiet) room. While it was very exciting, it was also tough for her to adjust, especially at night-time.

In an attempt to get her to sleep without the light on we transitioned to a night light. She absolutely loves this little night light, and it is perfect to help her to fall asleep.

The LED lights are soft and really create such a pretty effect in her room. It is also fun to play around with the different settings. It is a great little light if you have toddlers who are struggling to sleep on their own or still need a light on to fall asleep.

We do use essential oils, particularly in diffusers to help create a calming atmosphere or just to make the house smell amazing.

To help with Emma’s transition I got her a mini diffuser for her room. This is the cutest little diffuser that fills her room up with the calming fragrance of lavender. It is also easy to move around so we sometimes add it to our home-school space or the lounge to add a little bit of calm.

I am considering getting one for each of our rooms as well as our downstairs area.

I have set up a wish list of items on For Real Deals – Jack’s birthday is coming up, he is really getting into his gaming and we have an upcoming trip to Cape Town and have absolutely no luggage thanks to the two teens moving out and there is some really cool stuff I would like for my garden!

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