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Snatching all the things from Snatcher

We all have lists of things we need but that aren’t essential or urgent. You know the things I am talking about – new storage containers, a new dustbin, new sheets – stuff like that. They aren’t urgent things so you don’t really focus on them until you have to.

My list of things is pretty long (and it grows daily). It includes things like

One of the biggest reasons my list grows and doesn’t get shorter is because I can’t get all of these at one shop which means I have to go to a few shops and honestly, I hate doing that – so I put it off indefinitely.

Enter Snatcher into my life.

You can get pretty much anything you need on this website but you have to be quick because it is a deals site, so if you procrastinate too long, you may miss out on the special.

I can get everything on my ever-growing list from Snatcher and I absolutely love that. I am all about life being made simple.

When I started working through my list, a few of the items I wanted were unavailable but they are still on my wish list and when they come back in stock I will be notified.

But I did manage to get two of the things I wanted for now – yay for crossing items off the list, right!

A second dog bed for Kobe.

Kobe has a bed, he uses it but we have a double storey home which means at night we have to traipse the bed upstairs and we usually only remember once we are in bed, which means one of us have to get up and go downstairs to get it and in winter no one has time for that!

He now finally has a second bed that we can leave upstairs for him.

The best part of this particular bed is that it can be washed a lot easier than the large one we already have for him. You simply pop it into the washing machine and it’s clean!

A mini tripod

More and more I am getting asked to make videos and I have been reluctant but it is time for me to catch up.

This little tripod from Volkano (a brand we like) is perfect. It moves 360 degrees and goes up and down, which is actually what I really needed. It is not clunky and folds up making it easy to move around store easily.

There was an issue with one of the products I ordered but they did let me know pretty quickly and I was able to change it for something else if I wanted to. You do have to be quick with the items you want because of the nature of the Snatcher site, if you procrastinate for too long, you will miss out. 



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