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Terbodore Coffee: Delicious and Sustainable

One of my best local finds has to be Terbodore Coffee. Early last year David and I went to Franschoek for the weekend and I noticed their sign as we were driving around. We weren’t there for very long so we didn’t have time to pop in unfortunately. Then lockdown hit and life got crazy but eventually when we were in the Western Cape in December I got my hands on a bag of their coffee.

It was life-changing.

I make a lot of my purchases based on packaging and labels so the first flavour I bought was This is Africa. It is so cheesy to say this but honestly when I took that first sip it tasted like Africa. It is probably one of the nicest coffees I have ever tasted in my life.

One of the things I struggled with when I started using ground coffee was to figure out the water/coffee ratio in our coffee machine. But with this coffee it always just works – every pot was as nice as the previous one. It definitely is a coffee you can drink all day everyday.

I have also bought the Italian Hazelnut and it is a coffee you pull out when you have guests. Not only will it impress but it will also make your home smell absolutely amazing!! Its the kinda coffee you need to have a slice of cake with!!

The nicest part about their offering is that you can chose what grind you like – home espresso, filter, plunger or beans. So however you make your coffee – they have the perfect solution for you – no one is excluded from experiencing the joy that is Terbordore coffee.

Sustainability and Terbodore

One of the biggest reasons why this brand speaks to me is because of their commitment to sustainability. Their packaging is now completely recyclable across all their coffees. Their ice coffees come in cans which means they can also easily be recycled. This is a big deal for me because we go through a lot of coffee and so it is essential for me that the packaging we are using can be recycled (or reused in some way).

It doesn’t end their though! If you use coffee pods, the Terbodore pods are fully compostable. I love this because those pods might make a delicious cup of coffee but the single use plastic waste is just frightening.

There is still more! Terbodore have a few cafes dotted around South Africa and all their take away cups can be composted!!! So you can still treat yourself to a take away coffee even if you have forgotten your reusbale mug at home.

For me this is one of those brands that tick all of the boxes – they make an excellent product, they have a very big focus on sustainability and their price point is pretty spot on.

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Header Image: Terborore Facebook Page


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