Remember those old school blazers with shoulder pads? I wish I could forget! These are not those blazers!

To Blazer Or Not To Blazer

Remember those old school blazers with shoulder pads? I wish I could forget! Our blazers at school had shoulder pads in and I hated it. I have pretty square, swimmer shoulders and those blazers put me off for years!!!! I worked in hospitality for a while and we had to wear jackets, fortunately by then the shoulder pads had been banished to the darkest corners of fashion (hopefully never to be seen again) but it was still a struggle for me to find a jacket that didn’t make me look like a bouncer (or a square brick wall).

It was with a sigh that I noticed that the blazer is making somewhat of a comeback. But it’s been many years and I think I have dealt with my school uniform PTSD. Couple that with the fact I now have an office with a team, which means I need to step up my working wardrobe – I long for the day leggings make their way to the Corporate Wear section.

And of course my favourite brand, Me&B have made blazers look amazing, so I may have started browsing options. The easiest and quickest way to upgrade an outfit from casual to smart is adding a blazer, right?

But how do you wear a blazer? I have a few ideas and tips on how to style your blazer!

Tailored Look

In modern workplaces, you can wear a blazer with trousers for a polished yet flexible appearance. Opt for relaxed fabrics like linen-cotton blends for summer comfort, choosing shades like blueish-grey or cream that match with various tops. This is the classic way of wearing a blazer, perfect if you are in a corporate environment or just want to create a more professional, polished look.

Midi Dress Combo

Combine a blazer with a classic midi dress for a stylish look that works in both warm and cool seasons. Swap heavier fabrics and accessories for winter warmth, or go for a lightweight, breathable cotton or viscose dress with a linen blazer in summer. I love this for more formal meetings, add a black blazer and you instantly elevate your outfit.

Chunky Knit and Jeans

Layer a chunky knit jumper under your blazer for a smart casual outfit suitable for various occasions. Pair with jeans and appropriate footwear like brogues for the office or ankle boots for relaxed settings. If you do want this look, make sure you get a blazer that will fit over the jersey, you don’t want to look like you are trying to squash into the jacket!

Blazer, Jeans, and Tee

Elevate a casual look by adding a blazer over a t-shirt and relaxed jeans. Keep it comfortable and stylish with leather sandals or sneakers. This is a great outfit to wear on office days, it is smart but still casual and comfortable. If I am honest, this is my default outfit – jeans, sneakers and tee with a blazer added on when and if needed!

Blazer with Mini Skirt

Combine the corporate look of a blazer with the chic vibe of a mini skirt. Opt for an all-black ensemble or experiment with fabrics and styles to create different statement looks. If you have a black min skirt and one of the Me&B bright blazers, you can create a bold outfit!

Blazers don’t have to be boring and they definitely don’t have to be black or neutral tones, you can get blazers in so many bright, bold colours and patterns. They are also great statement pieces you can add to a capsule wardrobe because you can literally add them to anything – skirts, dresses, smart pants or even, if you dare, a pair of smart shorts.


To blazer or not to blazer, that is the question | Living Life with HarassedMom



5 Responses

  1. I’m definitely pro blazer! It is like a staple that everyone woman should have in her wardrobe. It can make quite the impact with dresses, blouses or even a jumper and jeans.

  2. Blazers always complete my outfit. I can wear it every day on different occasions even on my errands every day!

  3. I couldn’t agree more! Those old school blazers with shoulder pads were definitely a fashion nightmare. I can totally relate to the struggle of finding a jacket that didn’t turn my square shoulders into a brick wall!

  4. I love blazers. I think there are now so many different styles so you can dress them up or down and there’s flattering fit for all. Love some of these picks!

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