Bakerman Day Hacks for Busy Moms

Bakerman Hacks for Busy Moms | Baking with HarassedMom

I think schools have Bakerman and cake sales just to remind parents who is in charge. It is frowned upon to grab a pack of cupcakes from Spar at 7h00 in the morning and try pass them off as your own… Trust me they KNOW. Even now that we homeschool we still do need last […]

Hearty Mushroom and Split Lentil Dhal

Hearty Mushroom and Split Lentil Dhal by Leozette Roode | Sustainable Living with HarassedMom

Dhal is one of my favourite things to make – pop it in the slow cooker and you have a delicious meal. It is also an easy meal to make in bulk. Pesto Princess have a range of delicious pestos including the Chermoula Paste used in this recipe, add a couple of their other pestos […]

Vegan Bean Burger with Beetroot Mayonnaise

Bean Burger with Beetroot Mayonnaise | Sustainable Living with HarassedMom

Friday night is burger night in our house. I have been trying out meat-free options for ages now – I am yet to find one that works for me. Generally they all end up too soft and just break up – even when I leave them in the fridge. I haven’t tried these ones yet […]

Vegan Milk Tart

Vegan Milk Tart | Sustainable Living with HarassedMom

I have been lactose-free for years but using plant-based milks is not cheap so I generally opt for the lactose-free options available. I have written a post about the different plant-based milks available if you are trying to cut out dairy. From a cost point of view this milk tart is not the cheapest but […]

Vegan Loaded Nachos

Loaded Vegan Nachos | Sustainable Living with Harassedmom

Holidays are almost here! This means long lazy lunches in the sun with friends and family. No one wants to be spending their time in the hot kitchen making meals and preparing snacks. I am all about fun, easy and delicious meals. I am also all about nachos! This recipe is perfect for the upcoming […]

Linguine Napoletana

More often than note it is the simple dishes that are the most delicious and lets be honest there is nothing as nice as a simple bowl of pasta! This is quick but delicious vegan meal that you can whip up pretty quickly especially if you use rice noodles because they cook really quickly. This […]