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My Favourite Meat-Free Recipes

I have been trying to cut down on the amount of meat I eat for a few reasons. It hasn’t been easy because obviously my family are still eating meat so often I end up cooking two different meals and some nights it is just too much effort!

My aim is not really to cut out meat completely but rather to make it the exception not the norm and when we do eat meat to source it responsibly and sustainably. The more I learn about how animals are treated, the less meat I want to buy. As much as we enjoy fish we have stopped eating it completely (watch Seaspiracy if you are on the fence about eating fish). I have found a local chicken farmer who has hormone-free chickens and eggs.

I actually find that vegetarian recipes are a lot more fun to make than meat meals – possibly because it is still new but there is so much more you can do with vegetables and the flavours are amazing. As winter approaches it means we can start making more soups, thick stews and other yummy comfort food.

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These are a few of my go-to vegetables recipes.

Corn and Baby Marrow Frittata – Frittata’s are so great to make when you need something quick and easy for lunch or a lazy dinner. Most of the ingredients are staples that we always have in our pantry so they are easy to whip up.

Slow Cooker Lentil and Corn Soup – I love my slow cooker. You can literally throw everything in and leave it to work its magic. My kids aren’t huge lentil fans but if you cook this soup long enough the lentils cook away and become thick and delicious. You can also cook up a big batch and freeze it – meal planning at it’s best!

Crusty Mixed Vegetable Pie – Who doesn’t love a good pie, right? I think I could pop some puff pastry on just about anything and my kids would eat it. This is another recipe you can really just have some fun with – you can add pretty much any veggies you have in your fridge.

Tomato Risotto – Risotto’s are the best thing ever. This tomato risotto is so delicious and is pretty budget friendly as well. We have used normal basmati rice rather than the Arborio rice and it works just as well – so you can really use whatever rice you have.

Tomato Peri Peri Sauce – This isn’t really a meal but it is a great sauce to keep in your fridge when you need to add a little life to a meal. You can play around with the sauce depending on how hot you want it. It does also make a delicious dipping sauce for satays.

What are some of your favourite vegetarian recipes?

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If you missed my meal planner, you can download it here. I use it to plan our meals out. Print it out, laminate it and reuse it!!


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