Spring is here which means lots of salads, braais and outdoor eating. These are just a few of my favourite recipes.

My Favourite Spring Recipes

I love Winter food. All the thick stews and soups and curries and rich comfort food. I love it all. But you can only eat that type of food for so long! So Spring offers a welcome relief from all that heavy, delicious food!

The available fruit and vegetables start to change during Spring which means there is a lot more choice and lot more delicious fresh produce. 

It also means braai season starts so lots of outdoor meals and salads which I also do love. 

These are a few of my favourite recipes. 

Portabellini & Spring Veg Risotto with Poached Eggs – this is such a fun, delicious meat-free dinner meal. 

Vegan Loaded Nachos – nachos are a firm favourite in our house, we would eat them daily if we could. We aren’t vegan so you could just add normal cheese but these are nice dairy free alternative. 

Grilled Mielies with Miso-Butter – these are so good you won’t even need meat on the braai. 

Beetroot & Red Cabbage Salad with Feta – I am loving red cabbage and feta at the moment and this salad is delicious! You can eat it as your dinner meal or as a side dish at your braai!

Crunchy Mixed Bean Salad – beans are a big part of my diet. They really are so versatile and this salad is a winner every time. 


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  1. I’ve taken a look and pinned all your recipes, they look really delicious. (how can you not like beetroot!) I think my favourite would be the risotto, but I had to look up mielies, I think we just have corn cobs.

  2. I love loaded nachos, especially in the autumn when I can’t be bothered to cook a proper meal. Although I am not vegan, I like a bean salad too, it makes a difference to a lettuce salad.

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