Recipes that use minimal water

Cape Town are fast approaching day zero. My understanding is that Day Zero means no more water coming out of the taps! It is a pretty dire state of affairs but David read a state last week that said SIXTY PERCENT of Cape Town residents are not saving water! Seriously guys? No amount of money can make water miraculously appear from the earth if there is none!

Anyway I know a lot of people are actively trying to find ways to save water so I have a few recipes that use minimal dishes which means less dishes to wash up, which means less water. 

These apple toasties are perfect for breakfast or lazy weekend food and all you need is a cutting board, sandwich toaster and plates. You could use paper plates or one big plate and let everyone take from there.

Apple Toasties|HarassedMom

[yumprint-recipe id=’45’]You only need 1 baking tray, a grater, cutlery and plates for these breakfast buns! 

You can make these buns with any fillings of your choice; we have opted for ones with bacon, egg and cheese or ones with cherry tomatoes, egg and cheese.Breakfast Buns|HarassedMom

[yumprint-recipe id=’46’]This recipe appeals to me on many levels. Its quick and easy, uses a few dishes and is delicious.Mushrooms on toast|HarassedMom

[yumprint-recipe id=’47’]Water shortages aside, I am all for cooking that uses less dishes because it means less cleaning up.

What are some of your water saving meals?

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