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What we ate from a Spirited Mama

What we ate this week | HarassedMomI am Spirited Mama and I live in my own little spirited world… I am often amazed at the content that I produce for my blog but it is pure, raw content from the heart. You can find me on www.spiritedmama1.wordpress.com

How do you decide What we ate | HarassedMomwhat to eat each night?Do you do a weekly meal plan, monthly meal plan or do you just wing it?

I used to pre-plan our meals weekly. I even have a white board in my kitchen so that everyone can see what we will be having for the week. But alas, life happened and on most days I just wing it…

Do you do a monthly shop or weekly?

I absolutely love the shops. So I would say a weekly shop. Some weeks almost a daily shop…not sure that my bank balance is too happy with me…

What does your menu look like for a typical week?

Monday – Usually Sunday leftovers…We were raised where every single Sunday without fail it would look like a mini Christmas lunch when we sat down for lunch. (We used to do veggie night but somehow we lost track of that. Now that I am pregnant I am eating more meat than ever before…)Tuesday – Thursday we would generally have one night of red meat, one night of chicken and one night of seafood. We adore any seafood so we eat quite a lot of it…Dudie and I are very big on vegetables so I prefer to buy fresh produce weekly. Friday is reserved for Dude who will either opt to braai, or make a seafood potjie. It’s quick and ready in no time. Saturday we wing it with leftovers or if Dude is feeling enthusiastic we coax him into making us his infamous OXTAIL potjie. I could eat it every day.  We also have loads of fruit. And weekend breakfast in bed surprise A-la-Dudie….he randomly picks items from the fridge, smart kid this one…

What are your favourite dishes to make?

Dude’s Oxtail potjie. I have tried my own rendition and they loved it but I prefer that he cooks for me J and of course dessert, Bread and butter pudding. We have dessert 5 out of 7 nights.

What are your kids faWhat we ate | HarassedMomvourite meals?

Seafood for sure. Dudie also loves salads and any vegetables…I also know that he too loves the oxtail potjie. I am happy that he is a non-fussy eater…who also loves sushi, avos, strawberries, cheese and milk.

What is always in your fridge?

Milk (I need to buy a cow), fresh cream, Cheese, Avocados, strawberries, CocktailWhat we ate | HarassedMom tomatoes, salad ingredients  and Oxtail.

What are your top 3 favourite products to use? (can be spices/herbs/sauces/meats etc)

Fresh cream, Cheese, Robertson’s sweet basil

What is your favourite recipe?

My favourite is my “Moer by pasta” I just use whatever is leftover in my fridge, e.g. bacon, sausages, mushrooms, cream, cheeses and magically transform it into an award winning pasta dish…well that’s my story and I am sticking to it.

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